I didn’t get a chance to photograph what I made with that huge pile of flowers that was on my desk yesterday I’m afraid, but I’ll definitely do it tonight, as long as I don’t end up with a house full as I did yesterday.  You can have a look at this instead!  I was practicing water colouring earlier in the week, but this time with water colour pencils instead of inks.  They’ve sat on my desk for quite a while and I’ve only ever used them as normal pencils before and have never added water to them until now…. and I’m wondering what took me so bloody long to try this!  I love the way it came out…

The flower at the bottom, which is more purple than blue, was done first and I coloured the entire image in with the pencil before wetting my brush and water colouring the image, but I think it came out a bit dark, although it is pretty.  For the other flowers and the little green stems I tried a different technique.  I laid out the pencils I wanted to use and used the end of each one like a paint pad, dipping or resting my wet brush on the end of the pencil to work the colour into the brush and then using that to paint the image with.  I thought this was better, more controlled and it allowed to build up layers on the paper until I got  look I was happy with, whereas with the first one I did, I ended up with far too much colour that I couldn’t do anything with!  I played about with a couple of shades of green for the stems, and really liked this bright lime green, it is such a contrast to the blue and the purple.  I think I’ll be on the look out soon for some more water colour pencils in different shades too!  Just what I need, another addiction!!

So far this is just a panel of water colour paper, it hasn’t made it into a card yet, but I’m thinking either female birthday or possibly Mother’s Day, which in America is on 9th May this year.  Naturally when it’s finished you’ll all be the first to see it!

Back tomorrow hopefully with a big flowery reveal!!