Alright…. so you wanna see the first of the flowery projects then?  By rights I should save this post until tomorrow at around 5:31pm as that’s the moment of the Vernal, or Spring, Equinox, where the sun is vertically above us as the earth rotates on it’s axis, it makes the length of the day and the length of the night pretty much equal… but I think there are a couple of people out there who would slap me silly if I did that!

So remember this from Wednesday?

Let me give you a quick run down first…. the white, yellow and blue daisy like flowers on the right are actually wired bunches, along with some greenery, that are going to go in to the little clay pots.  There’ll be some blue and yellow ribbon glued around the lip and maybe a small bow too.  This is the bit that I’ve still to do.  What all these flowers are resting on, that you just get a glimpse here, is an 18″ from top to bottom, oval wreath base that’s now hanging on my front door.  The forsythia sprays were shaped and wired to the base and then everything else was hot glued into place.  The everything else consists of lilac/blue mini wisteria, in the centre of the picture, dark blue/purple cornflowers, which are right over the back near the pencils!, and yellow daisies.  The orange dianthus I got for a rather bold contrast but decided not to use them in the end, but as I’ve still got more things to make, I’m sure they won’t got to waste.

This is how it turned out, hanging on my door which is dark green and not blue as it looks here!

I like the rather ragged look of the base wreath, with it’s little bits of grapevine twigs sticking out.  Andrew kept trying to cut them off when I wasn’t looking!  He likes everything neat and tidy and I like the rustic look more!  After wiring the forsythia to the base I then made the ribbon bows and tails so I could decide on their placement as that would effect how the rest of the flowers were placed.  The yellow bow is a three looped bow and the blue one is a little rosette bow, the type that we all put on gift packages.  Once I knew where the bow would go I put it to one side, hot glued the little sprays of light purple wisteria in place and then filled in with the cornflowers and the daisies.  The bows were then wired together and then wired to the base.  Andrew helped me to make a wire hanger at the top as it needed to be held up and worked on at the same time.

What I probably should have done was to take a photo of the whole door so you could see it in context,  I realised afterwards that these photos don’t give any indication of scale at all, and I can then point out my plans for the little clay pots!  I’ll see if I can snap one at the weekend and edit this post.

And talking of the weekend, I’ve got myself a great one lined up!  Andrew is leaving before I get home from work today for a holistic retreat where he is going to learn the ancient art of meditation.  He’s tried doing this on his own before but always ends up being distracted by something.  He’ll be gone until some time on Sunday afternoon, so in a way I’ll have a retreat of my own!  Only mine will be a stamping retreat!!!  I already have it planned to the last detail, starting with a slight detour on my way home to Hobby Lobby for some of those cheap Nesties, followed by a mooch round Archivers later this evening after I’ve had my dinner.  Then back home for a spot of crafting before bed.  Saturday will start by being outside the doors of Michaels at 9am sharp, hit JoAnn’s next and be home in time for coffee and a whole day of uninterrupted crafting!  Sunday I will happily spend the entire day in my pj’s and in my craft room too!  Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?  I have a couple of challenges lined up too, so with a bit of luck I’ll have a lot to show you next week.  Have a great weekend peeps!