Well it’s almost not Saturday, but on this side of the pond there are still four hours left before it’s officially Sunday.  I did what I always do on a Saturday morning, which is to visit a couple of challenge blogs to see what their requirements are for this week, but I was thwarted at every turn!  Blogger and Blogspot are Google Apps, and Google lost a DNS server at their California headquarters last night which shut out the entire Mid-West of America (including Michigan) from accessing any Google based stuff…… so all day so far I’ve been timed out on every blog I tried to visit!  Most frustrating, hope they get it fixed soon!

Still, it’s been a beautiful day here and we’ve both been out in the garden starting the Spring cleanup.  Most of the front is now done but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, at least we’ve made a start….. and guess what temperatures we’re going to get next week??  70F+, how about that?  Could so easily still be below freezing at this time of year, but it’s forecast to be 68F next Thursday and 70F on Good Friday.  Might even get the earliest first kayak we’ve ever had if we’re lucky too!

So, on to the title of todays post, in honour or Paula who I hope is recovering well from her surgery, as she is the one who started the whole idea of posting what new stuff you’ve “acquired” this week!  Here’s my lot:

I did very well at Meijer’s last Sunday morning.  Meijer’s is the local “superstore” kind of shop, like a huge Asda or Tesco’s, they sell a bit of everything, so I had a mooch on past the crafting aisle on the way to the veggies and found a load of stuff on clearance!  Three Inkadinkado stamp sets, the two Rhonna Farrer single clear stamps were only 80cents each!  I also picked up two sets of card blanks with envelopes, one in shades of blue the other in cream also on clearance.  On Wednesday I went back to Hobby Lobby as they had my two other sets of Nesties back in stock and as I had a rain check I got them for last weeks sale price of $14.99 a set.  They also had Stampabilities on 50% off so I picked up four of them, two more cute House Mouse and two floral stems.

Here’s a close up of the adorable mice!  Sorry about the flash again, but are they just the sweetest little stamps or what?? For $3.50 each I absolutely couldn’t resist, in fact, I’m very surprised I only picked up the two!!

OK, I’m off to rest my weary, arthritic bones (that’s what it feels like!) in a hot bath, as all that sudden exertion has worn me out!  I’m actually grateful it’s going to rain tomorrow so I can sit on my arse and make some cards, assuming of course that Google has sorted itself out and I can find out what it is I’m supposed to be making!!!