Not much going on here this week I’m afraid.  Google managed to thwart my attempts at challenge entries by shutting out all the AT&T customers in the MidWest of America at the weekend when they lost a DNS server at their California headquarters.  If you happened to have the combination of AT&T as your phone provider and DSL as your connection type you were up the creek without a paddle and couldn’t access any Google Apps, and this included Blogger and Blogspot, and just about all of the world seems to run on Blogger, me, I was sensible and choose WordPress!  But it’s no good being a challenge entering card maker when you can’t find out what the challenge is, is it?

I had fully intended spending our very wet Sunday in my crafty space, challenge or no challenge, but I was thwarted again, and this time it was my own fault!  We spent sunny Saturday in the front garden, raking, pruning, choppping, digging, pulling and fertilizing.  And like an idiot I went at it like a bull at a fence and strained all the muscles in my already weak lower back.  But no sympathies please!  I was born with an almost straight spine and have had a little back trouble most of my adult life, but I only found out about the straight spine about 8 or so years ago when I went to a new osteopath/chiropractor who insisted on xraying my back before treating me.  Since then I’ve been very aware of not doing things to put me in a position of potential pain, I gave up running, started lifting a few weights instead to build up the back muscles, did a bit of yoga stretching too which all helps tremendously.  But not this year for some reason, I haven’t lifted a finger to help myself since just before Christmas, so with all that sudden movement, stretching and exercise it was inevitable what was going to happen!  It’s better now, thanks to the healing hands of my massage therapist husband who worked the painful areas for three days straight.

So, finally Tuesday I made it back in the craft room and worked on a little card I was going to enter into a Christmas Challenge that out own Angela (Toucan Scraps) was sponsoring, but I ran out of time and there the card sits, half finished!!  It’s all digital too, in her honour, free downloaded digital paper and a free digital image from Pollycrafts called Cherry Snowball Kisses which I coloured with pencils, but I ran out of time for the entry.  I’ll still finish it though, and it’ll be another one for the Christmas card box.

Not a very inspiring desk is it?  Absolutely nothing noteworthy to point out to you at all!

And here’s the almost finished card.

There is one thing that’s completely noteworthy though…. and that’s our forecast for Easter, have a look at this:

Woot, woot!  Time to lower the kayaks down from the roof of the garage and hit the local lake.  Being very careful of my back of course!!  It might take me a while to get round to all you WOYWWers this week, today is our Financial year end at work and I have a lot to do, so just in case I can’t get round to visit you all I’ll just say “Hi” and sit here and wave!