….. managed, rather amazingly, to end as the Week That Was!

Let me give you a quick recap as to why it was the week that wasn’t….. last Saturday and Sunday had no access to blogs, couldn’t find out what the challenges were so I worked in the garden instead…. and strained the muscles in my lower back!  Got the blog access back on Monday but couldn’t sit in my chair in the craft room because of my back!  The last week at work was also my most busiest in the entire year due to our Year End on 31 March, it’s been very, very stressful and incredibly draining too, so even if I’d have wanted to craft in the evenings I just wouldn’t have had the energy for it anyway.

So on to the good stuff, or why the week turned into the week that was.  First up has to be the weather as we hit 70F earlier in the week and have pretty much stayed there!  So, because it was so warm, we also managed and first, and earliest kayak of the year out on our local lake at Kensington Metro Park on Good Friday.

I know it doesn’t really look like it in these photos as it turned quite hazy, but we ended up with a high that day of 78F!  We were very surprised at the level of the water though, in this second photo you can quite clearly see the marks on the reeds where the water normally is, there were a few frustrated fishermen who couldn’t get their boat in the water at the boat launch because it was too shallow.    There is a dam at the far end, so the only thing we can think of is they’ve let some of the water out for some reason!

On our way back home we called in to a Home Depot and picked up a small Black Willow shrub to fill a space at the base of our driveway, and I also got some onions in the green and a couple of packets of shallots too.  After eating lunch we got the driveway border tidied up and the new shrub planted, and I then dug over the veg patch (carefully!), and planted up the onions and shallots too.

Not very inspiring right now, but there are 60 onions in here and in the top right corner there are 16 shallot bulbs under the surface!   After this we took it easy and lazed around on the deck on the large chair cushions we’d brought up from the basement and ended up having a lovely snooze!

Later still I thought I’d check one of the Christmas challenge blogs I’d entered and found that my Bauble card had been picked as a Top Three for last week, so I was very chuffed about that!  I also get to display this badge on my blog:

But there was more to come on Saturday.  I decided I’m spending some of this weekend in my crafty zone and so had a blog hop around to what the challenges were this week.  After that I checked my emails and found I had a number of blog comments to approve…. and one of them was from the lovely Maria at Christmas Stampin’ All Year Long to tell me that my card had won their challenge and would I do them the honour of being their guest Designer for an upcoming challenge??  I almost fell off my chair I can tell you, but it’s for the challenge starting on April 16th so at least I have a few days to think about my entry.  I’m still more that a little bit stunned, not to say apprehensive, about this I can tell you!!!  I also get another badge for my blog to wear with pride too:

And finally, courtesy of the lovely Paula I got a blog award!  I think the translation means something like “This blog is charming” or something along those lines, so thank you Paula very much for thinking of me.  I’m supposed to give it out to 12 people, but as Paula and I know a lot of the same people she’s rather gone and stolen my thunder on that one!!!  So I shall just say a very warm thank you to all of you who pop in here and please help yourself to this lovely award as you’re all so charming!!

Time to stop blethering and get on with some cards, otherwise another week will be going by with nothing new to show for it!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend.