Happy Wednesday All, not sure how she manages to do it but our Julia definitely has a way of speeding up time, but anyone who is a regular at this feature already knows that to be true!  So , here we are again, and here’s what’s gracing my work area this week.

Something I didn’t tell you about last time was that I won a Guest Designer spot on a Christmas Challenge Blog the other week, my card will go live this Friday, so pop back to see it if you’re interested.  This was a first for me, and once I picked myself up from the floor I’m afraid the panic set in for a bit!  However, I definitely had a light bulb moment (there was even a “ping”!) and I realised I could use a technique I’d thought about using last Christmas but didn’t  in the end, it would work out perfectly.  Here’s my desk as I got going:

As you can see, I couldn’t make my mind up about which ribbon to use!  And my punches seem to be gearing up for an acrobatic act, but I’d punched out some snowflakes and then glittered them (I don’t have glitter card!), but they curled up very badly once they’d dried…. so I tried to flatten them out again with heavy objects!  It got worse than that though, much worse….. the ribbon I finally decided on had been wrapped around a card and so was creased.  So I ironed it!  Yes I did!  I ironed a tiny piece of ribbon for a card!  Anyone else done that or am I the only one crazy enough to stand and almost burn your finger off and iron a tiny bit of ribbon to go on a card???

It was at this point that the dreaded indecision set in.  Was my card really OK?  Was  I going in the right direction?  Could I do better?  We’ve all had this right?, the voice in your ear, the monkey on your shoulder etc.  So I pretty much pulled out everything I own and scattered it everywhere:

This was by my feet, all my stamping boxes, including a new one with pink peonies on it, which was  empty at the time but not any more!  There’s also another drawer there full of yet more ribbon, two 12 x 12 Christmas paper pads and two rather full boxes of stamps.  The desk fared rather worse, indecision is such a terrible thing isn’t it?

And of course I went back to my original idea, after having wasted about three very frustrating hours!  Hopefully, if I’m ever lucky enough to be chosen again for a Guest Spot I’ll have the confidence in my abilities and ideas to not mess about like this for hours on end!!

You may have spied, over on the right in both desk shots, some wood stamps lined up, these were new last week, and like you do I’d left them out to admire and stroke!

From the left, a collage Indadinkado called Time Flies; two Penny Blacks and another cute House Mouse.  Can’t resist those cute little micies, my cute Penny Blacks are definitely getting a good run for their money now.  Off to try and call in on you all, I like to leave a little bit of love for each and everyone of you so please bear with me, it can take a while!  If you’d like to join in and show us what you’re working on and where you work we’d love to call in and say hi.  Follow the link at the top of the post to Julia and she’ll get you set up.  It’s a great way to completely waste fruitfully and profitably use up two whole days of your week!!  —->  Got slapped wrists from Julia for using the word waste!!!!! Lol!