Yep, sad but true!  Too many things to do right now and not enough hours in the day.  We leave for England in nine days and I haven’t even thought about packing yet, or washing and ironing in readiness for thinking about packing.  It wasn’t so bad the last time I went back which was two years ago, the airlines were still allowing you two suitcases a person on long haul flights, now it’s only one per person, and trying to get three weeks worth of stuff in one suitcase is a bit of a Houdiniesque feat, which is why it’s taking me considerable thought at the moment!   We’ve already posted a few things off to be there when we arrive, and I’ve decided that I’m buying shampoo/conditioner/mousse/hairspray etc when I get there, but still, I hate packing at the best of times, now it’s actually forcing me to think about it and I resent that!!

This upcoming weekend isn’t looking very pleasant with scattered thunderstorms (but warm temperatures) both days and I shall be outside in it from 9am – 5pm both Saturday and Sunday as racing season is getting underway again at our local road racing track (cars).  This weekend is the on track portion of Drivers School for all of our new wannabe race car drivers, and I’ll be out there in my volunteer capacity teaching them everything they need to know about Grid and paddock procedures, so that also means that there’ll be no crafting getting done either.  And I know next week will fly by in a blur, especially when all the users I support at work figure out that I’m not going to be there for three weeks!!  Should be fun!

Anyhoo, enough of that!  I did get some crafting done this weekend and I also treated myself to a couple of the new Artistic Proofs stamps from Hero Arts….

I had to take Andrew shopping with me though and that’s always a double ended sword!!  On the plus side, Archivers will only accept one coupon per transaction per person in a day…. so taking him along meant that I could give him a set of stamps and a coupon and then I could pay for the others and use another coupon!  The downside of course is taking a bloke to a craft shop….. I needn’t explain but there was no time for a good nosy around, picking up new stuff and stroking it, oohing and ahhing over the displays, chatting with the assistants etc, etc!!  It was in and out and on to the next thing!!  Still, it was worth it as I got the two Polyclear sets for $11.89 each after applying the coupons.  The cling set was normal price at $9.99 and I usually like to pick up a new colour of Stickles when I can.  I was also given a copy of the new Artistic Proofs catalog for buying $15 of the new stamps, and oh look! a bar of Almond chocolate just happened to fall off the shelf and land in my basket when we were food shopping later on!

So, onto the desk, obviously I had to have a play with the new stamps!  They look beautiful and muted when you spritz them with a very fine mist of water immediately before stamping, like something from an Impressionist painting:

A little later, cards made, feet up and a yummy bowl of fresh, ripe strawberries to dive in to!  A little bit of summer on what was a cold and wet weekend.

The Unity card on the left was posted on Sunday and the blue one with the new stamp was posted to the PaperTake Weekly on Monday if you want to have a closer look!

So that’s me for this week, in fact, it’s most likely me until sometime in June when I return from England….. although the first weekend back is another racing weekend so I won’t be crafting then either!!  I’ll still try and pop in to everyone next week too though, just to say hi and see what you’re all up to!  Toodle-oo peeps!!

If you’d like to join in yourself and nave a good old snoop at the crafty folks of the world then follow the WOYWW banner over there on the right to our esteemed leader Julia.  She’ll get you set up, and if you don’t want to join in yourself just yet, then follow the link anyway and you’ll find another 100 or so desks to go and have a nose at!!