I feel like this should be accompanied by a lone trumpet player standing on a hill at sunset!! But I won’t be that dramatic, even though I’m definitely feeling that way! So here we are, Thursday lunchtime (my time), 31 hours before my flight takes off and my suitcase still stands empty in the spare bedroom! Andrews is packed and I do have a few items on the bed that I want to take but I haven’t got my head around it yet, I think Andrew will be packing it for me, in fact, I know he will.

My problem, once again, is my back. You may recall that it was very sore about a month ago after a lot of gardening one weekend, Andrew had managed to alleviate the pain and free the muscles, but beneath the surface it still wasn’t good. This last weekend was Drivers School at the race track where I volunteer, two whole days on my feet on a hard concrete surface, and my back had started twinging a bit again in the week prior! Although my back wasn’t painful, by Sunday night I was understandably very tired, nothing a hot bath and a good nights sleep couldn’t put right, but my back decided it had had enough again and by the time I went to bed I knew I was in trouble.

As of today, I’ve visited the osteopath I use who told me I’ve really done it this time and this is the worst he’s seen me in ten years. He realigned my back again as much as he could and released the nerve that was being pinched, but now the trouble stems from all my back muscles that have been compensating my bad posture for the last five weeks or so as they’re now rather seriously inflamed and keep causing spasms of pain to shoot through my back. I’m on muscle relaxants and Ibuprofen and I’m icing my back almost constantly during the day, including at work. I should be ready for a massage tonight and then I’m back at the osteopath again first thing tomorrow morning for a second alignment as I was screaming so bad the first time I was there that he couldn’t get me 100%. And after that….. 7 1/2 hours on a hard and uncomfortable plane seat! They’ll probably be wheeling me off the damn plane when we land at Heathrow on Saturday.

So what’s caused all this pain? Not what, but who, and that would be me. I was born with an almost straight spine but had no idea until I changed osteopaths ten years ago and he xrayed me. I used to run, actually I used to run a lot, half marathons to be exact. I also used to go on week long back packing trips with 40lbs on my back. All of that had to stop as everything I do, from walking, sitting to sleeping, is channeled straight down my spine into my lower back and my hips, my back doesn’t support me in the way it does for most people. So, I walk quite a lot, I swim once a week, Andrew taught me some Yoga for strength and posture and I got some free weights and a book and I’ve kept my back strong. I’ve had very little trouble in the last ten years, then last November I set up the spare bedroom for crafting and I stopped exercising. I didn’t have time for everything and I stupidly stopped doing the thing I need the most. It’s my own fault entirely, stupid really doesn’t come close to describing how I’ve treated myself.

So assuming I make it back to Michigan in one piece, there WILL be changes around here, because the alternative is giving up even more things that make me happy, like working at the race track, riding my bike, camping and kayaking etc, as these things require a certain level of fitness. And what’s going to have to give is the card making as it’s sedentary and encourages bad posture. I’m certainly not giving it up completely, I still intend making my own cards for birthdays, Christmas etc, but I don’t think I’ll be spending hours each week making things for fun, frankly if I continue doing just that I may as well kiss the rest of my “young” life away because I’m doing myself no favours right now.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I’ve had a massive kick up the backside that I really needed, summer is right around the corner too and I intend to enjoy it and start looking after myself again and that’s not a bad thing either. I’ll still be doing things that make me happy, I’ll still be enjoying my life and my friends, I’ll still be making cards and I’ll still be blogging. I just need to get my priorities straight, that’s all. If you’ve made it this far and are still with me, thank you!! I’m shutting up shop now until I get back in June, so I hope you all have a great few weeks.  Please don’t think I’m whining or looking for sympathy because I’m not! I’m in this situation because I put myself here and I don’t need any sympathy for that!! What I am looking forward to the most though is a decent nights sleep, the last full one I had was last Saturday as when I roll over in my sleep the pain wakes me up again. I never knew just how many times I roll over at night!! Right now I look like my black eyeliner is two inches too low!

So, off to get that suitcase packed and I’ll catch up with you all in June.

Oh! And we won’t even talk about that dratted volcano!!! Just as long as I can get there…….