Ohh look!  A post.  And a card too!

It’s been a bit hard getting back into things since coming back from England, it’s a great shame that visiting lovely gardens and eating afternoon tea in the sunshine isn’t a paid occupation isn’t it?  Both Andrew and I haven’t felt a great deal of enthusiasm for anything in these last couple of weeks, even unpacking the suitcases and doing the washing seemed like a chore.  I did also attempt to make a card last week too, but I even had absolutely zero enthusiasm for thateither!  I abandoned it half way through.  I should have paid heed earlier, I know I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing when I managed to place the Nestie die the wrong way round and cut out my coloured image with the nice embossed edge on the blank side of the card!  It went rapidly down hill from there unfortunately!

We’ve also had a freaky spell of weather since getting back.  First we had hot temperatures and high humidity which rapidly gave way to some appalling thunderstorms, they culminated last weekend as 8 tornadoes were reported in Southern Michigan, most in the SW of the state but three close to us. The worst of which was an F2 (135 mph winds) which struck the town of Dundee, about 35 miles South of here, despite the damage there were so serious injuries reported.  A little further South, in North Western Ohio, they were not so lucky with five reported fatalities.  We’ve also had close to three inches of rain in the last week, 1/2″ diameter hail and 70mph winds.  Our neighbour across the street from us lost a 40ft maple tree in his back garden, thankfully it missed his house but it blocked one lane of the main road behind him until he could get a tree service company to come out and take care of it.  About a mile further west there were lots more trees down, including huge (50+ ft tall) conifers, these also brought down an electricity pole, snapping it completely in half, which took out the power for over 15 hours in our area and flooded our basement as the ground water pump is electrically powered.  It definitely could have been worse though and I’m grateful that the worst of the storms was South of us and that this didn’t happen while we were away, a flooded basement would not have been a nice thing to come back to.

Anyway, on to the card, finally!!  It’s a Father’s Day card if you haven’t already guessed!, and I’m quite happy with the way it came out.  I used my new Kanban stamps that I brought from England for the first time and also a Hero Arts Maple Leaf stamp, with Tsukineko Brilliance Inks Pearlescent Olive and Crimson Copper.  Kept the design simple as I’m still not completely on the ball, and I didn’t want to over embellish it anyway, so just a few little gems to highlight the tree, a bit of string and that was it.  The card is kraft for the base, the reddy brown is The Paper Company and the green is a little scrap of Bazzil.  The little white piece was coloured with TH Aged Mahogany, Antique Linen and Frayed Burlap.

And here’s a really cute little photo from last week that Andrew managed to snap.  We have these wonderful little red squirrels who frequent our garden, their bodies are no bigger than about 5″ topped off with an incredibly fluffy little tail.  They’re very territorial and are often to be heard squabbling, chasing each other up and down trees at lightening speed, it’s incredibly comical to watch.  There’s also been occasions where they’ve been very vocal about us being on the deck, like we’re not allowed to be there or something!  Anyway, we also have a bird feeder with a large squirrel baffle underneath it.  It’s one of those things that as soon as something heavier than a really small bird lands on it, the weight of the creature tips it up like a seesaw and they go flying off!  The little reds though have discovered that if you land on the baffle at the center point, right beside the pole, then it doesn’t tip them off.  They have to stretch outwards quite a bit to get to the seeds, but as long as they keep their little feet tucked in close to the centre then they can snatch a few seeds as a reward!  Have a look at this:

What you can’t quite tell from here is the angle the poor thing was stretched up at in order to reach the seeds whilst keeping his lower half tucked in to the centre of the pole!  Obviously very intelligent little creatures.

Not sure what the weekend holds for us apart from more thunder storms starting later on this evening which will put paid to the gardening we were planning to do tomorrow, it’s looking like a jungle out there and I need to get my tomato plants in the ground and my deck boxes, tubs and baskets planted up.  Still, a bad weekend at home beats a good week at work hands down!