How y’all doin’?  We’ve had a visit from one of our senior managers from our Kentucky office this week and I’ve begun talking with a Southern drawl!  An English/American Southern drawl at that!

I have something a little different for you all (y’all!) this week… and I haven’t bought it or stole it either…. this might just be my first foray into altering something, I say might because I haven’t got the first inkling of an idea as to where to start.  I got a new delivery of software last week at work, and an examining the package I was heard to exclaim “No wonder this stuff is so expensive, half the cost is in the packaging”, obviously I was still wearing my corporate IT hat at the time and was more concerned by the price we were paying than the crafting possibilities!  A few seconds later though, the crafty gene kicked in and I started looking at the box with new eyes!  It’s very sturdy, incredibly so really, measures about 5″ wide by 7″ long internally and is 1 1/4″ deep, it’s even got a little ribbon pull at the front!  We have three licenses of this software and a while later one of the users brought over the exact same package as they’d sent him one too, so I took the cd’s out and now I have two of these boxes…. and I know where the third one’s at as well!!  Just got to figure out a way to get it now!  If I stick all three of them together they’ll make a fantastic little set of drawers, will they not?

The second thing is a really lovely Random Act of Kindness from one of our WOYWWers.  This lovely little package arrived on Monday, even the envelope was beautifully decorated,

and inside was some of the wonderful sequin waste that I’ve seen being put to good use on some of the English blogs on WOYWW.  I couldn’t find any over here, so the lovely Suzanne very kindly sent me some pieces of it in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Thank you Suzanne and thank you WOYWW for bringing such great people together every week.  OK, that’s the end of my Oscar speech!  Have a wonderful week peeps!

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