… but I thought I’d show you some photos from our 4 day camping trip over Independence Day Weekend!  Sounds funny saying it like that but the Monday was the 4th of July and I also had Friday off so we made a weekend out of it!  God I can’t believe it was three weeks ago!  The summer is absolutely flying by!  I heard something the other day say it was only 163 days until Christmas!

But, back to the piccies.  We camped in Ionia State Recreation Area about 2 hours drive West of where I live.  It’s run by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and we always try to stay in these type of parks as there’s usually lots to do, they’re clean, well maintained and quiet at night too.  So here’s a few photos and not too many words!

We set up our pitch and got the important lounger chairs out!

We wandered down to the lake the first night to catch the beautiful sunset.

Which we spent ages trying to capture…

The next day after doing the mountain bike trail we checked out the beach

and then went and checked out The Grand River for our big kayaking trip the next day

We kayaked The Grand…..

We got totally fed up of kayaking The Grand!  After 5 1/5 hours of paddling against the current in 32C temps… can you tell????

But it was easily put right with a rest and a cuppa!

And another sunset.

We hiked the 4 mile trail around the lake and spotted this seriously cute little garden growing on a log  that had fallen over a stream…

And then I turned around and realised that the bank behind me was full of beautiful wild Turks Cap Lillies!

Whilst Andrew got up close and personal with some freshly emerged, and freshly nibbled, fungi!

And then we spent the final afternoon chillin’ out on the beach and swimming in the lake.


I have another racing weekend ahead of me, so there won’t be any new cards posted, but I did do a bit of stamping last night so hopefully I won’t be out of action for very long!  We also have a car show at work today and Andrew is bringing our 38 yr old Ginetta G15 in to work at lunchtime, and our friends are bringing their Triumph TR6 too, hopefully the rain will hold off.  More thunderstorms this weekend again!  With a bit of luck though we won’t have to deal with tornadoes!  Catch you all on the upside!