Things have been a bit manic here in the last couple of weeks, especially at work where two colleagues broke their ankles and another was on holiday, so the rest of us were running around like headless chickens for a while there.  One of the ankle breakers is back at work, and yes, they were hanging out together doing stupid things worthy of a Living Darwin Award nomination, but I won’t go in to it here!

I also bought a new car last Saturday!  It’s a 2009 Ford Focus, my old 1997 Escort was getting just a bit long in the tooth and wouldn’t have made it through another Michigan winter.  I’ve been looking all year for a gently used Focus with not a lot of luck in my price range, and then last week three came up at once!  So it was a bit of a mad panic getting round the dealers, test driving the cars, haggling and working out deals etc, but I brought my new to me car home on Saturday, and blogged about it on Monday if you want to have a look!!

But, enough about that, you’re here to see What’s On My Workdesk today, which quite frankly is not a lot considering all that’s been going on.  I haven’t set foot in my little room for over a week (even forgot to water my Ivy plant!) but my brother has a milestone birthday coming up on August 12th so I naturally made a card for him, which was a WIP here.

I’m using a wonderful digital image by the incredibly talented Mo Manning called Two Toby, and Toby is having himself quite a tantrum, lying on his back kicking his legs in the air and screaming blue murder.  I was working on his little red face, which is now a bit more purple, with pencils and blending stumps.  You’ll have to call back later to see how I worked a screaming two year old in to a 50th birthday card!  I won’t be posting it until the 12th as my brother does know this blog address, not that he ever visits, but we all know about Murphy’s Law right?  The card base is sitting there too, and that’s about it, nothing very exciting I’m afraid, and I most likely wouldn’t have made it back in to the craft room if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to make a card. Too much going on at the moment, that’s all, I’m actually looking forward to the end of summer, cooler temperatures and a bit more time to myself!!

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