The last couple of Sunday mornings Andrew and I have biked down Hines Drive for a few miles, something we haven’t made time for since the beginning of the summer.  Hines Drive is what they call a “linear parkway” and runs for about 25 miles from Northville to Dearborn.  The road is speed limited to 40 and either side of the roadway is a wide shoulder, the width of another lane, which is for bikes, roller blades, runners etc.  Outside of this are paths for walkers and then open space made up of small lakes, streams, picnic areas, baseball diamonds, fishing docks, soccer pitches and just about anything else you can think of for a bit of outdoor fun and relaxation in the warmer months of the year.  It’s a very popular place to be and is well patrolled by the local police to keep it safe for everyone.  Early on a Sunday morning it’s nice and quiet and we usually set off about 8:30 and try to get back by 10:00… am that is!!

Two weeks ago I pointed out to Andrew a plethora of wild flowers edging one of the small lakes, on closer inspection they mainly turned out to be tropical looking Hibiscus, which are surprisingly hardy in this area, as long as you get the right variety!  Last Sunday we were down there again and this time we took the camera with us:

Incredibly beautiful, and very well colour coordinated too!  Makes me wonder if the parks department have planted them, maybe they’re not wild.  There are also lots of butterflies flitting about too, mainly Viceroy’s which are Red Admiral relatives, and Yellow Swallowtails, either the Eastern or the Tiger Swallowtails.  Not sure which they are as they don’t stay still for very long at all!  But after a couple of attempts we got a really good shot of the Viceroy:


No more blogging from me for a week or so as we head up North tomorrow for a week of camping, kayaking, hiking and biking.  Oh it will be soooo relaxing!!  I’ll leave you with a couple of links to the same trip we made last year at about the same time, hope the weather is as good as it was then.  Catch you all on the upside!

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