I absolutely couldn’t fool you lot last week could I?!!  Obviously that wasn’t an untidy desk at all, and let’s be honest here, there’s not a single one amongst you who don’t believe that I didn’t go ahead and tidy it up!  I didn’t want to disappoint…… so I tidied it up!

Ah, that’s better.  Like a nice breath of fresh air!

That’s a finished card right there for the Penny Black challenge, from a sketch provided by our lovely Joey, so look away hun!  You too Kath if you’ve made it over here!  It’ll be posted properly tomorrow.  I loved the stamp (PB Fantasy) so much that I inked it up and embossed it  two more times, once more for Christmas and another one for Autumn.  And talking of Autumn, that’s a new DCWV mat stack sitting there “Amber Autumn”, absolutely beautiful colours in it.  Not much else, snowflake punches and another PB stamp before I decided on the tree one.

Not a lot to report this week as we were away again at the weekend, camping at a State Park in Holland, Michigan that is!  We were there for the Gem Show which was really quite amazing, we spent absolutely hours looking at everything and came away with empty wallets but heavy bags!

I think this was the most amazing thing I got….

If anything, it looks like a piece of mouldy old bread!  But it isn’t.  It’s a 350 million year old coconut geode from Mexico, they mine hundreds of these things every year from South America and also, rather oddly, from Iowa too!  But the incredible thing, is what’s inside when they crack them open and hand them back to you to take apart to see.  You’re the first person in 350 million years to see inside your own geode, and it’s really rather incredible….

The absolutely pristine ones of these sell for a lot of money, you’ve probably seen them in fancy shops or all cleaned up and used for bookends or some such.  This one needs to be polished around the edges to make it shiny but you can clearly see the crystal structure on the half on the right which is the better formed half.  The half on the left still has a lot of calcite in it, which given another million years or so left unattended, would end up looking like the one on the right.  It’s not perfect but I really love it, and could have quite happily spent hours picking out geodes and watching them be cracked open!

And how much did I pay for the privilege of picking out my own geode, having it cracked in front of me and placed back in my hands for me to be the very first person to see inside of it??

$8.  I kid you not, just the US equivalent of about five pounds.  I really wish I’d got another one!

To share your desk with the world, well the internet really which amounts to the same thing, head over to the lovely Julia’s via the WOYWW button over on the right and prepare to be amazed!  I’m off to visit some desks!