I’ve mentioned a couple of times this week that we spent last weekend in Holland, Michigan.  I also said that I’d show you some pictures of the pumpkins at the Farmers Market because they are so amazing.  Well, we woke up on Saturday morning to a thunderstorm and pouring down rain which set us back a bit as we were camping!  It was far too heavy to even contemplate getting out of the tent, let alone making breakfast.  Eventually it lessened somewhat so we ventured forth.  We still had to cook our breakfast in the rain, but we ate it inside in the dry tent.  By the time we finally got away and turned up at the market it was close to 10:30 am, but it was still in full swing, unlike most Saturday morning Farmers Markets, this one is so popular it runs most of the day.

So, on to the pumpkins…. we’d bought us some veggies and stuff and were wandering around like you do when we came upon The Pumpkin Stall.  It was hard to miss actually as it was causing quite a traffic jam!  So we joined in as you can’t beat fresh pumpkin soup on a cold fall day.  They had quite the choice, have a look at this…

And it was all arranged so beautifully too, guaranteed to draw in the punters looking for their Fall decorations.  Almost all of what you see here is edible (apart from the Gourds), but I can guarantee that 90% of people buying were not buying them to eat but to use as decorations.  Quite a waste really, but I do have to admit that they look great piled up in the front porch or something.

See that sky?  It was still drizzling on and off and the thunderstorms returned later, around lunchtime.

These are some of the gourds.  I now have one of these sitting on my deck, we’ve always wanted to try drying one and making a bird house out of it so we spent some time chatting to the stall owner and she gave us all kinds of tips.  Behind the large, light green ones there is a mix of more gourds and pumpkins.  The gourds are the dark green ones with the lighter spots and the tapered neck, these ones are called Swan Neck Gourds.

And there’s Andrew in the middle of the photo picking out a French Red Pumpkin that we will roast and turn in to yummy soup.  Despite the gloomy weather Holland Farmers Market is absolutely superb.  It’s absolutely packed, both with vendors and customers and I heard one lady remark to another “Why on earth would you go to a supermarket when you can come here?”  Why indeed.


I wrote another post the last time we were in Holland and it has more info about the area if you’re at all interested.