Ooh, has it turned cold where you are?  The bottom has dropped right out of our temperatures in the last couple of weeks, we’ve gone from balmy highs of 84F to cold, cold lows of 45F!  Roughly translated that’s a high of 29C down to a low of 7C and this Saturday night we’ll have a low of 2C!  Might have to put another blanket in the bed as this cheapskate isn’t turning the heating on yet!  Lol.

It’s also been a bit quiet in my neck of he woods as Andrew came down with a cold after our weekend in Holland (which is in Michigan btw, not the European country!), and he very kindly passed it on to me.  It might not have been so bad had I had a quiet, restful weekend, but last weekend was our last racing event of the year so I was out in the cold working both days.  Saturday was a four layer day (including two fleece jackets!) and Sunday was a five layer day plus gloves in the morning!  And we camped too! Bit nippy but still, it was worth it.

But, the desk, the desk!  It’s how I left it at the end of last week so it is looking a bit messier than usual!

There’s a pile of god knows what over the back, stamps to put away, the usual scraps.  On the mat I can see red rubber, I did at least clean a bunch of stamps and had left them out to dry off (Thursday night!).  In the foreground are stamped Penny Black and House Mouse images, these are for Spyder (Lynn) when I get to the post office, and right in the middle is a big pile of yummyness that you just can’t miss!  I opened up the wool bag to see what I had and was rather surprised to find lots of unused balls, all from the local superstore/supermarket and all for $1 on clearance, but I really can’t remember buying them!  Must have got them in the summer I think, now that we have chiller weather the old knitting gene has kicked in again.

These three balls at the front are new, bought two weeks ago in the sale at Michaels.  I have the daft notion that I can knit a scarf and give it to Mr ButlersAbroad for a Christmas present!  So I went and chose some wool (acrylic and lambs wool blend) in manly colours and found a pattern last night on the internet, now I just have to remember how to cast on!  I have a memory like a sieve if I don’t do something frequently.  The only problem I have is how can I knit the boy a scarf without him seeing it?  We spend a lot of time together and I’m the slowest knitter in the history of slow knitters!

This little multi-tasking room of mine has become a bit of a dumping ground over the last few months.  I keep showing you my desk and the window, but I thought you might like to see what’s behind me when I’m sitting at the desk, it’s really starting to get out of hand!  No wonder I sit with my back to it!  The white thing, bottom right is the ironing board which hasn’t been put away since we came back from England in May!  And I’m sad to say that most of the stuff piled on the sofa and the floor is mine.  When we first moved this room around, the idea was that I could sit there with a nice coffee or something and contemplate my next amazing card designs!  Well, that sofa has been there since last November and I haven’t sat on it once yet!  So it’s now a dumping ground and I really need to clean it up.

So there you have it, not too inspiring this week but still lots to see.  I’m off to link up with Julia and come and visit you all and spread some of my germs!  If you’d like to join in with the quite amazing phenomenon What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, then click on the WOYWW button over on the right. and come and join in the fun.