Here in all their sunny, inspiring glory are some more photos from our amazing paddle on Sunday, I hope we get one or two more weekends were we can get out there again as there is really quite a lot of green still to be seen.  Most of the trees that have turned are the Maples, but I forgot that at least 50% of the trees around the lakes are actually Oaks, and they are only just starting to get a little tinge of colour, they’re not going to reach their peak for at least another week or two.

I’ll start with the photo I showed you on Sunday, just in case you need any reminder about what I’m going on about!  There won’t be too many words to accompany these photos, some things just speak for themselves don’t they?

This photo above is a small stand of oaks that have obviously decided they couldn’t wait any longer to show off their new colours!  Why let all their Maple cousins take all the glory??

Yes, it really was that incredibly golden.  This stretch absolutely glowed, it was like a beacon from the far side of the water.

And as we floated by I happened to look up to see the most amazing Maple I’d ever seen.  It was alive with colour, there’s no other way to describe it.

Later, after packing everything up we drove round to our favourite part of the park and got out the lounge chairs, made coffee and had a good old chat.  You can see a real mix of trees here, some are still green, some are just starting to turn, yet others have already shed their leaves.

This was our beautiful view.  We stayed right here for a couple of hours, grilling chicken for lunch on our little camp barbeque and relaxing some more, before we decided we really should head home.  But I brought all these memories back with me and ended up making two very Autumn inspired cards that I posted here on Sunday and Tuesday.  It was a fantastic day, I hope there are more to come.