We ask ourselves this very same question each week, every Wednesday in fact.  You can answer us and join us by clicking on the WOYWW button over on the right, much fun to be had believe you me!

I’m much the same this week as I was last but that’s mainly due to being away again this past weekend with a bunch of friends from our British Car Club.  Seven little cars and 12 people went off to Midland in Michigan for a large car show, but we made a wonderful, sunny and colourful leisurely drive of it, stopping for lunch in Frankenmuth, finally turning up in Midland late Saturday afternoon to browse around the “modern” outdoor car show on the grounds of Northwood University.  Later it was tailgate time in the parking lot of the hotel before dinner, followed by a social hour in one of the bedrooms and a splash in the hot tub when they kicked all the little kids out of the pool at 10pm!  Sunday was an early start to get over to the Classic car show, where we all were entered, before finding some nice, country back roads for our journey home again.  Quite a party and I’ve been pooped most nights this week so not a lot of crafting has been going on!

This is a quick little shot of our 1972 Ginetta G15 (with me) and our friends TVR just before we left Frankenmuth after lunch.  And yes, if you’re wondering the town was settled by German immigrants in the 1830’s and now it’s like Little Bavaria, quite the tourist trap but also quite well done, beautiful in the Fall and Winter but more than a little surreal in the bright summer sunshine!

And the desk is looking more than a little forlorn with not a lot going on at all.  Must make more effort again to mess it up again:

More Christmas Penny Black stamps, including a lovely new Hedgie one called A Thorney Affair.  I’d stamped him a few times and was just starting to colour him in.  Thee tin has embossing powders in it, I’d embossed the bird in the bare tree branches in gold on cream card stock but haven’t decided what to do with it yet.  A few of you last week commented on how large my craft mat is!  It is huge and I think it’s great as I can get loads of stuff out if I want to and not make a mess of my desk.  I was given this when I was in England 2 1/2 yrs ago.  It belonged to my FIL who is a retired architect with the City of Cambridge, for a while he had a proper drafting table at home and did small jobs for people, then they moved to a smaller house and he had this large mat for hobby work, but he’s now in his 70’s and didn’t need it so he gave it to me.  It’s just called an A2 Craft Cutting Base and is 60cm x 45cm, which is almost 2ft x 18″, great size.

And the knitting, well I did take it with me at the weekend but there was way too much partying going on I’m afraid!  So it hasn’t been added to hardly in the last few days but is coming along quite well:

It’s 14″ long now and I’m still on the first ball of wool!!  I think I must have bought the never ending one!