I know I mentioned the other week how beautiful it was looking around here but that was before that storm barreled down on us last week.  I also said that if we went for a walk through the woods again I’d take some photos of the wonderful colours for you, but sadly there was hardly a leaf left standing!  That storm, BTW, blew large 14″ diameter pots filled with soil and plants around on our deck like they were made of foam or something; and the highest recorded gust in the Metro Detroit area was 75mph!

Still, on Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and even though most of the beautiful leaves were on the ground, they still looked really stunning as we strolled through the woods wondering why on earth we brought fleece jackets with us!

This Maple was gamely hanging on to a few leaves.

But the vast majority of the trees are now completely bare.

And the leaves are ankle deep.

Still, the light and shade are still amazing, the starkness of the trees only adds to the beauty.

Love this photo, such a joyful shot!

Along the road on the way home was this tree which was absolutely festooned with berries.  I have no idea what it was but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tree so heavily berried.  Hope it’s not a portent of a bad winter like the old wives tale warns!!


I hope you enjoyed the little snapshot of our weekend…… I’m afraid the “S” word is making an appearance in our forecast this week!  And no, I’m not talking about sunshine!