It’s Wednesday once again, came round rather quickly this week.  I know a lot of you usually make that remark but I don’t!  I am today though!  Not much in the way of crafting in the room since last Saturday, I did try a bit on Sunday afternoon but really wasn’t feeling it so gave up!  Perhaps I was rather affected by my trip to Hell on Sunday, but more on that another day as I need to look through the photos, yes, I took photos in Hell, aren’t you amazed??

Well I finally managed to encourage Andrew to set up a Paypal account so he’s one step closer to being able to sell his lovely wares.  He thanks you all most kindly BTW for your endorsements!  I think I might add another page to this blog in the very near future with his items for sale, so they will be available here first if anyone is interested; he’s been busy taking photos of all the pendants, so stay tuned.

And I did manage to persuade him to photograph his work area in the basement, so you’ll be seeing that today, but please don’t be fooled, he’s definitely the ying to my yang and I can’t believe just how tidy this little workshop area has suddenly become just because I mentioned that the ladies would like to see it!   He’s managing to make me look bad today, normally you take your life in your hands if you venture down there!!

So, first thing first, this is my desk this week, starting to look a little frayed round the edged I really have to say!  I decided to make both these photos clickable for the first time, so you can have a good rummage if you’d like.  Hopefully I’ve managed to get the links right.

I was trying to make another Christmas card, the blank is there covered in wavy paper and the image for it is hidden under the pink sketch folder.  There are clear background stamps on top of the folder, lots of ribbon and trims, a large pot of MS Fine glitter, a pile of paper and digi images over the back, some metal Christmas stars are on the left that I was considering doing something with but I’ve decided I really like them as they are!  There also a new Christmas collage type stamp there… anything else just ask!

This is his nibs work area downstairs.  He normally does his stuff down in the basement and then brings the items upstairs to be finished, either at the kitchen breakfast bar that has good light, or sometimes upstairs with me if I’m in my room.  And I have to reiterate here Don’t Be Fooled By His Neatness!!

As you can see, he uses a lot of pliers!  And he’s just asked for another one for Christmas, apparently it’s “only $40”!!  Think of how many stamps I could buy for $40!!  Still, I suppose it keeps him out of trouble!  He buys copper and brass wire by the ream as he gets through so much of it, the brown paper bag on the right is medium grit for his rock tumbler which is the blue thing at the top right with the two black barrels on it.  All of the stones he’s used so far have been bought in, but he hopes to use more of his own pieces in the future.  There’s some rather nice pieces of Jasper in the tumbler right now, they’ve been going non-stop since October 10th and they’ve gone through a bag of coarse grit and they’re now on their first tumble with medium grit, after that will be a final tumble with very fine polishing compound before being finished by hand, there’s four stages altogether.  It’s been really interesting to see how the ugly hard rocks have progressed into some amazing and beautiful stones.

That’s about it for this week, if you’d like to join in with the trip round the craft desks of the world then follow the WOYWW button over on the right, which will take you to the Chief Desk Inspector Julia and you can get signed up.