Yep, it’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  I didn’t get round to many of you last week and was only able to leave about 60 comments, there was a major panic at work and I ended up working my lunch breaks, and that’s prime commenting time for me!  Still, I saw lots of lovely desks, wonderful projects and some great inspiration and laughs along the way too.  You can too if you’d like to join in, follow the link to Julia for all the details.

I couldn’t stand my “messy” desk any longer so I had a good tidy up at the weekend.  My biggest bone of contention has always been the little scraps that just pile up and pile up, so I got a box with a lid and sorted the card scraps in to one half and the paper scraps into the other.  That helped clear the way tremendously, just got to remember to use the bits now, but I’ll work on that.

The link to a larger image proved popular last week so I think I’ve managed to do it again, although there’s really nothing to see right now!  There is however a bar of chocolate this week, a requirement for all crafters and I didn’t seem to have one so I rectified that!  There’s a little pile of Christmas paper, some Penny Black stamps and stamped images, along with another Christmas card in the making.  There’s a glue gun and beside that a little packet from my mam that arrived in the post this week with a lovely little embossing folder (Christmas Tree) and some foiled papers with a stencil type of thing.  The pink folder is out again.  Paula asked me about this last week.  It started out as a way to hold sketches from challenges so I could refer to them again, then I discovered a couple of sketch challenge blogs with links to all their past sketches so I downloaded those too and popped them in.  So now, anytime I come across a sketch site I put their sketches in this folder for when I’m a bit stuck!

Just for a bit of fun, I decided to get all my Christmas cards out and see how many I’ve done.  Bear in mind that some of these will be sent off to my friend Clare in England for her charity coffee morning, so I wanted to see what I could give her……

Well, I think that there’ll be quite a few I can spare for her as I’ve got 43 of them, one more almost finished and another four toppers or image panels stamped and coloured in!!  So that begs the question….. how many have you done!!