Artists that is.  You hear of places favoured by artists because of the amazing light it offers, parts of Southern Cornwall for instance, and France too was very much favoured by 19th century artists.  What always struck me whenever I visited Paris was just how many street artists there were, they were everywhere, on every street corner, every park, all the markets and lining the road towards the Arc de Triumph too.  It wasn’t just the scenery that captured them, it was the light.


So Saturday afternoon I walked into my kitchen at the back of the house and saw the most amazing view out of the window.  It was the last of our very warm Indian Summer days that we’d been experiencing and although it had been sunny in the morning it had completely clouded over and we were forecast some rain.  But the light was absolutely staggeringly amazing.  I called to Andrew to come and see and went out side with the camera.  The photos are not perfect as it was about 5pm and it was approaching dusk, but I didn’t want to use the flash at all.  So you’re seeing here exactly what we saw from our deck…







It started to rain after this, the bluish tint to the sky was the rain clouds gathering, not a nice sunny blue sky, in fact, the sun had disappeared completely behind the cloud.  On Sunday our temperatures struggled to get above 5C and there was a bitter wind blowing making it feel more like below freezing all day.  I think we’re finally done with Fall now.  But what an amazing  finale.