And that means it’s time for visiting lots of wonderful desks around the world.  Head on over to Julia’s to find the starting point of this whole merry dance!

My desk is a bit different this week, mainly because it’s not me sitting at it!  I was asked to decamp to the sofa in my room and allow someone else desk access for a while, he also raided my adhesives and used up a roll of double sided scotch tape (the kind that you don’t have to peel the backing off), emptied a glue gun and then finished up with the regular dst!!

But I’m not complaining, far from it as this is what he was busy making downstairs…

It’s a light box made out of foam board, but it was too lightweight to hold the lamps so he then constructed a frame out or plumbing pvc piping!!  I was going to put this on my desk as my contribution this week but it’s so bloody big it doesn’t fit!!!  But it is brilliant, I posted a card yesterday that had been photographed in it and what a revelation it is!  The reason it’s so large is to allow him to photograph his pendants and gemstone sun catchers too, but the only problem is I don’t know where in the heck to put it!!  It’s currently taking up most of the space in our dining nook off the kitchen!  Still, I am so very chuffed with it, especially as the days are so dark now, winter photography of cards was pretty appalling last year so I’m really happy to have this available.  The foam board was less than $10 from Michaels, the two lamps were $6.50 each from Home Depot, two daylight bulbs were $5 and the pvc pipe was another $5 from Home Depot too.  Brilliant investment!

And whilst we’re on the subject of the gem stones, a third page has been added to this blog for anyone interested in having a look at some of them, it’s over there on the right, under pages, or you can access it from this quick link.

A few weeks ago I was also asked what was my view like outside my window, so I took a couple of pics of that too.  This is slightly to the right, the lovely tree is a Cleveland Pear and is looking really beautiful right now.  The cars are in the car park of an apartment complex behind us, but it’s very quiet on the whole and the apartments are arranged in such a way that we don’t look in to each other.

This is the view to the left, overlooking the deck (that Andrew also built) and the rest of the back garden.  The pine tree is almost directly outside my window.


Quite a marathon this week, well done for staying with it!  Might bump into you whilst I’m doing the rounds, although it’ll be more likely over the next few days as I’m at a different work location this morning and you’re, hopefully, reading a scheduled post!