Wow, that’s amazing!  I first joined in with What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday back in January of this year, and here we are now on the cusp of another January in just one more month.  There were just fifteen people to visit then and no Mr Linky, that’s also pretty amazing how this little Wednesday jaunt has grown so much.


Hope all of you in the UK and Northern Europe are OK, keeping warm and not snowed in!  Can’t believe how cold it is there, pretty brass monkeys really for the time of year.  You’re colder there than we are in the Great Frozen North, well, apart from Annette that is!!  Bet she wishes she’d stayed in Saudi Arabia, didn’t have to shovel any snow there!  And again, a translation is in order, “brass monkeys” means it’s desperately, desperately cold in UK English, and I had a couple of English people mention my use of the word parky last week too.  They thought it odd that the word was in use in America, well, it isn’t actually, I just happen to be an English lady who lives in the US, so I still write and talk in a very British way!  It gets very confusing at times, especially as I work for a large Japanese car company and a lot of people I deal with speak what we affectionately refer to as “Jinglish”!!  So we have English, US English and Jinglish too!


Anyway, I digress!  I haven’t blogged since last Wednesdays WOYWW post and I’ve hardly crafted anything either, despite us having last Thursday and Friday off work last week for Thanksgiving.  We actually ended up giving up on the Thursday completely and we cooked our big dinner and had our Thanksgiving feast on the Friday instead!  I’d had an incredibly busy week at work and was burnt out and then Andrew was involved in a very minor collision on the freeway that involved a large tyre carcass from a lorry (semi-trailer) that he couldn’t avoid at 70mph.  No one was hurt but the front end of our car suffered $1100 worth of damage, so he had to deal with the insurers and the body shop etc, it should go in this week for the repairs as they’ve had to wait for parts.  Basically we were totally burned out by Wednesday night and hadn’t done any prep for the big dinner or made the homemade stuff, so we just decided to put our feet up on Thanksgiving and do it all on the Friday instead.


We did at least get all of the leaves finally raked up outside and we put up the outdoor Christmas lights too.  We also made a small start indoors and went out and bought our Christmas tree and some Poinsettia plants to go in the hallway.  The tree smells lovely walking in the door from work and I intend to decorate it tonight when I get in.  So the desk has been a bit neglected really, and I have to finish the Christmas cards pronto and then get the ones to the UK written and posted out very soon or Mrs Organized here will be in serious trouble, and wouldn’t that just be so bloody ironic!!!



So taking up the space on the left is the wreath that will be hanging on the door again soon, I took it out of it’s box and thought it was looking a bit worse for wear, so I picked up some new shiny berries from JoAnn along with a roll of velvety burgundy and gold ribbon to try and tart it up a bit.!.  There’s some more cards I was working on too, they’re all missing greetings for some reason!  The box contains embossing powders, and at the front is a new DCWV Winter paper stack, all in blues and cool colours.  The snowflake stamp is from Inkadinkado and the bird stamp is a Penny Black one in case anyone was wondering.


If you haven’t any idea what I’m on about or if you’d like to join in with WOYWW, then just follow the WOYWW button over on the right and you’ll be taken to Julia’s for the start of the whole thing.