Yikes, has a week really passed by?  Quite a flurry of activity has kept me out of the craft room completely, I haven’t been in it for a week!  I’ve been busy running Andrew around a bit as the dealership still has his car, and then the regularly scheduled maintenance needs to take place after that.  We met some of my work friends after work last Friday at a restaurant for a meal and then we went on to the movies to see the new Harry Potter film, but it was a rush for me as I had to drive 30 minutes back home to pick him up and then 45 minutes back to the city where I work (fighting traffic now) to get to the restaurant, and then drive another 30 mins home after the movie finished!  Lol, I feel like a chauffeur!  We spent a good portion of this last weekend putting up all of our Christmas decorations inside, and that sparked off a bit of a mammoth tidy up and Spring Clean too!    We’re also trying to get our Green Cards extended so have spent a few hours pulling our hair out over the Immigration and Naturalization forms that we’re having to fill out, our current ones expire in February so we need to get a move on!

But I did get some crafting  done though, but not the kind that I would normally do…. part of our Christmas decorations involves off cuts from our Christmas tree, plus whatever other bits I can get my hands on at the DIY store where we buy our tree, usually I look for nice pieces of fir trees where people had had the branches taken off bigger trees before they take them home.  I use all these pieces to decorate a bakers rack in the hallway…. like this:

Hand held photo without the flash I’m afraid, so it’s not really clear, but you get the idea.   The Poinsettias are real  one and I use the tree trimmings and Christmas berries and “picks” from the craft store to decorate the shelves, there’s also some large pine cones wearing festive red bows and three home made little Christmas trees on the middle shelf.  The lighted garland on the stairs was bought like that, but I made the large bows a few years ago now and drag them out every year.

There were some large Fraser Fir branches left over so I decided to attempt a wreathy hanging swag kind of thing for the front door, and forget about fixing the wreath that was on my desk last week!  I’ll keep that one too, it won’t be thrown away, but I don’t have much time right now to work on it, so I thought I’d mess about with the real branches and see what I could come up with!

So this was my work area at the bottom of the stairs:

I decided to sit on the stairs and make this so I could easily sweep up the mess on the wood floor, rather that spend months picking fir needles out of the carpet!  From the left, the white bag holds the berries and bits and pieces I’m using, the blue bag had the mess and sweepings from the floor that I tried to tidy up as I went along, the large white box holds florists wire, tape, hot glue gun and a few things I used to use more when I did dried flower arrangements.  And on top of the box is part of my “other” collection of ribbon!  Mostly wired and mostly for Christmas, and you thought my ribbon fetish extended to only paper crafts!  The swag/door hanger is sitting there, almost ready, I decided to keep it fairly simple with just some red and gold berries and some green and gold ribbon curls on wires, and then the finishing touch was a rather large red tartan bow with two sets of long tails.

When Andrew saw it on the door he said “Bloody hell, there’s half a tree on our front door”!  And there is too, have a look at this:

Sorry about the flash but I’m not getting home until nearly 7pm, twelve hour days again for a while.  It was -5C and blowing a hooly out there so I also didn’t hang around to check for artistic merit of the photo either.  It’s just over 3ft long and almost the same across!  The wind is catching it a bit so it looks a bit loppity too, and I think a ribbon tail is hiding one of the large berry clusters, but I was pleased as punch with it.  It’s been up since Sunday evening and of the three visitors to our door so far, all three have asked where did we buy it from!

Elizabeth had asked me if we have snow yet, and surprisingly the answer to that is no!  We’ve had some flurries, blowing about in the wind and sticking to the grass a bit, but that’s it, although we’re supposed to get a few inches of heavy wet snow tomorrow night and into Friday, but we’ll see what happens.  I’ve got my winter tyres on now so that should ensure we don’t get any yet!

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