Well it arrived!  Last week we had no snow in SE Michigan, something many of you expressed surprise over, but this week that’s all changed as a fierce winter storm arrived here on Sunday and we now have 8″ of snow on the ground.  Not too bad for us, thankfully we were on the lower edge of the storm as it blew through, it’s caused chaos through Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and Northern Michigan, then through parts of Canada and into the Eastern US, and I know some of these stories have made the news channels in Europe too.  So we were lucky.

We also don’t have to deal with what’s known as lake effect snow.  That’s when the storm front moves over very large bodies of open water, like Lake Michigan which separates Michigan from Wisconsin, and picks up a lot of extra moisture over the lake which then falls as incredibly heavy lake effect snow as soon as it reaches land.  To give you some idea of just how severe this snow can be I’ll give you an example of what’s happened in this area over the last few days.  Michigan is right on the border with Canada, I’m actually only about 30 miles from Ontario, Canada so we hop over from time to time.  On Sunday the Western side of Michigan got pummeled with snow, by the time it reached us it had ran out of steam and only dropped 8″ or so, but it then headed out over Lake Erie and got blown North again into mainland Canada and Ontario, where it unleashed 3ft of lake effect snow to our paltry 8″.  And on Monday and Tuesday when we had a few squally snow showers and no more accumulation that same Ontario region got another 20″.  They’re still digging the people out of their cars on the major freeways where hundreds are still trapped this morning.  They actually closed down the two major bridge crossings from the Metro Detroit area into Canada to stop the traffic from further clogging up the paralyzed Canadian roads to allow the authorities the time they need to clear the roads of trapped drivers, stranded or broken down vehicles and an accumulated 56″ of snow!

Our problem locally has been ice.  It was very mild on Saturday and started raining ahead of the storm, it rained for a few hours and then overnight the temps dropped to 1C (34F) and the rain turned to heavy, wet and slushy snow.  We got about 2″ of that before the temps fell quickly from 1C to -12C (9F) and we got “proper” snow.  So I get up Monday morning to get to work expecting the roads to be well plowed, and they were, but they had only been plowed of snow, and that 2″ of slush before the temps dropped so quickly had frozen solid and the plows had just exposed it all!  South East Michigan has been one giant ice rink since Sunday night, and the temps have been so low that the salt they put down has had no effect because it’s too cold for it to work.  I’ve had some very slidey, skiddy and hair raising drives to and from work in the last three days, but today we’ll reach a high of -4C (25F), which will finally allow the salt to penetrate the icy roads, plus it will be sunny which will also help.

So absolutely no crafting from me this week due to the time I’ve been getting home, but we have at least managed to get all the airmail cards written and posted, all the local cards written and in the post box today, some Christmas shopping done, both on line and in the shops on Saturday, all the decorating is finished, the turkey is bought and in the freezer and the Christmas cd’s are once again gracing the cd player and the Christmas dvd’s have been dug out too.  It’s certainly not all doom and gloom.  Oh, and we got Andrews car back last night from the body shop, so I don’t have to continuously act as chauffeur any more.  Yay!

My own photos of the snow storm are still on the camera unfortunately as I’ve been a bit tired in the evening what with the stressful commute and getting home late, but I did snag this one off the net on Monday morning to show you.  It was taken last Sunday, during the storm by someone walking in a park in Detroit, and sent in the the local papers website.  So if you’re still suffering with cold and snowy weather stay safe and stay warm, and you can always take a leaf out of these ducks book and hug someone!