Hello Peeps, how are you all?  Hope everyone is well.  Yes, it’s WOYWW time once more, and about the only think I can say about my desk this week is that I appear to be keeping a New Year’s Resolution for the first time in my life!  Do you remember what it was from last week?  Make my desk messy and walk away!  So I’ve done it again, but I have to reassure you all that I did clean up the desk at the end of last week, and the stamps too, but then I messed it up a bit again, as you do!

There’s some new cards that I’d made on show and another one on the go.  I was colouring in the Penny Black image (supplied by Spyder, thanks Lynn!) with Whispers pens, pencils and ink and I’d been stamping individual  letters on little tags to make a banner so there’s two sets of alphabet stamps on display.  I’m also getting much more used to the ATG too and reaching for it automatically when I want a bit of sticky stuff.

And I have aged too since you were last here, a whole year in fact, strange how many Capricorns there are on this WOYWW hop!  These are the crafty goodies that were in my birthday parcels on Sunday, along with a beautiful  Chalcedony stone that Andrew hand wrapped for me and some lovely new tops in bright somewhat grungy colours with motifs on them, a lot like this kind of thing actually!


Here’s my lovely new stone against one of my lovely new tops!  This is the most muted of them but I love those dandelion star burst type heads.


To join in with our weekly Wednesday blog hop, head on over to Julia’s for all the links and the start of the whole jive.  See you around.