A very quick and simple Christmas card for you today, this time for the Bah Humbug challenge girls who want you to use stencils.  I only had about 20 minutes last night to make a quick card as I’d had a visitor for a few hours in the afternoon in the shape of a 13 year old girl, who rather quickly sat herself down at my craft table and proceeded to ooh and ahh at everything I have.  So naturally I asked her if she’d like to make a card and she jumped at the chance.  Stupid me didn’t think to take a photo though and her card turned out absolutely beautifully.  I also discovered after she’d left that 13 year old girls don’t tidy up after themselves, so that was a new experience for me too!

So, after cleaning stamps, binning scraps, returning punches to their rightful places and tidying my desk, I didn’t have long before dinner was ready, which is all I needed really as this was the simplest and quickest card in the history of the universe.  I only have the one stencil, and it was free on a UK card magazine and turned up in my mail box courtesy of my lovely Mam who every once in a while sends me parcels of goodies from home!  So all this took was one small card blank, two marker pens and one little stamp!  And that was it!

The stamp was from a Michaels clear set “Celebrate The Season” and it was stamped in Versafine.  The marker pens were both the Whispers brand, and that was it.  Might put a bit of gold Stickles on the centre of the flower tonight, or maybe a little gold gem in the middle.

Yesterday (Monday) was Martin Luther King Day in the US and my company observes an extra day off in honour of this great man.  It’s back to work today though and I’m all discombobulated because really it’s Tuesday and I keep thinking it’s Monday!  Still, it’s a short week at least!

Oh, and nice Humbug DT peeps, I made a lovely card for last weeks challenge and then went and missed the deadline!  I thought you girls had a Saturday challenge going, but I found out the hard way that it was  Friday one, closing on a Thursday!  Oh well, you live and learn!  Last weeks card is HERE if you’d like a look anyway!!