Morning peeps, Wednesday is upon us once more.  Hope you’re all fine and dandy in you neck of the woods.  Me?  I’m full of the joys of Spring as we’re having a couple of days here that are making it above freezing, and that’s having an impact on the snow mound outside my door.  Of course it will probably melt in time for some more to fall!!  But enough of that.

I don’t have a desk for you this week as I’ve been busy re-arranging my room and supplies a bit.  I blame that Scoopy Sue, she put the idea into my head!  It all started with a new tv, a flat screen, our first one, which necessitated a move around in our family room and a new, bigger tv bench to put it on.  This new tv stand also has three large drawers that more than accommodate our dvd’s and we decided to get two smaller matching cabinets for either side of the fireplace which made great storage for cd’s and other bits and pieces.  So this became available:


As it’s still on really good condition and is mainly solid oak I had intended to donate it to a charity shop or “freecycle” it or something, but when I saw Sue was storing her beloved House Mouse stamps in something very similar I had a light bulb moment and dragged it upstairs to my room!  This wall used to hold a small plastic camping table with the light box on top, so I had to find somewhere else for that but I spent a very happy hour arranging most of my stamps in here:


As you can see, it swallowed them all up with room to spare, and the best thing is, this is to the left of my desk so I have have to get up to choose a stamp!!  Yes, exercise and stamping at the same time!  So, where to put the light box?  Putting all the stamps in here freed up one of those tall plastic chest of drawers, and I moved another set down to the basement that had a lot of Andrews stuff in for his little business (he agreed to this as he rarely uses them), which left a space big enough for the light box, but I needed something to stand it on.  Another lightbulb moment.  Sitting down in the hall was the old tv stand, just made out of cheap fibre board/pressed board whatever you call it!, painted black with two little glass doors.  So I dragged that up too and it fitted in the space perfectly, popped the lightbox on top and then filled the internal bit with all my Christmas stash!

The bottom half looks dark as the doors are smoked glass, should have opened them up for you.  So that’s what I was up to at the weekend.  I still have a few things to put away but I was able to sit at my desk again and make a card for Chrissie and Mandi’s Less Is More Challenge, which took me all of five minutes.  Just as well really as that’s all the time I had and I was pretty pooped by the sudden burst of exercise!

And one last thing.  Having been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely crafting goodies for Christmas and my birthday in January I’ve been incredibly good and haven’t even been near a craft store in weeks, and I really don’t intend too unless it’s for staples like stamping paper.  But I definitely received a huge stash boost this week!  I went to JoAnn last Saturday for a new paper pad for stamping on (paid for with a 40% coupon!), and saw lots of red clearance tags and was lucky enough to pick up two of the large 8″ x 8″ Fiskars clear stamp sets which have one large background and 10 other themed stamps for just $3.97 each, reduced from $14.99!  Even Andrew agreed that was one not to pass up.  On Friday I’d received a little parcel in the post from my mam in England with four stamp sets that came free with the UK card magazines, I won’t use all of them but there’s some very useful ones included.  Monday rolled around and in the mail box were some more lovely stamped HM images from Paula (isn’t she sweet??), and my order from Simon Says Stamp.  I had been lucky enough to win a $15 voucher to their store from the ABC Christmas challenge blog and had arranged my cart to be as close to $15 as possible, went to pull out my credit card for the couple of bucks I was over and saw an American Express card in my wallet, which I though was bloody odd as I don’t have an Amex card!  Took it out and realised it was a $50 gift card I’d been given by work for a Christmas present and I’d forgotten all about it!  So, my Simon Says Stamp order changed quite considerably and the lovely things I’d ordered also arrived on Monday.


Oops, just realised I forgot to rotate the picture before uploading!!  So, the Hero Arts stuff in the middle is from Simon Says Stamp (2 wood, 2 clings, 2 clear), the little packet with the red label is the free magazine stamps, the white card is the images from Paula and the Fiskars sets are top and bottom.  Also, the little red bag was a surprise Valentine gift from Andrew, home made (by him) cranberry/orange shortbread dipped in milk chocolate!  He even found my large heart punch, some red card and a gold gel pen to write on it with!

Lol, I’d intended this to be a quick little post with more photos than words but I guess that didn’t work out very well for me!!  Hop on over to Julias pad to see more work desks than you could shake a stick at for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.