A few weeks ago I came across a really great thing in the world of blog called “Pay It Forward”.  I signed up on Susan’s blog in Australia, and it’s a really simple concept.  You sign up on someones blog to receive a Pay It Forward gift from them, maximum of five people only so you don’t get swamped; at some point in the not too distant future make your own PIF post on your own blog and offer the first five people who sign up a small handmade gift made by you.  You have a whole year to complete and send your gifts, but it’s probably better to do them sooner otherwise they might never get done at all!!  The only caveat is that anyone who signs up for one of my PIF gifts HAS to do a similar post on their own blog, within a 12 month period, and offer small homemade items to another five folks too.  That’s it, quite simple really, and a great way to spread some love and meet and make new friends.

So, if you’d like to receive a small hand made gift from me at some point in the next 12 months, just reply to this post and commit to do the same thing at some point in the future on your own blog.  Please make sure your email address is in your comment, it doesn’t show up on this blog for everyone to get, but I can see it so I’ll be able to contact you.

Hope you have a fabby weekend!  Mine is a three day weekend as we have Presidents Day on Monday in the US so I get a day off!  I hope to get my family room finally finished after a re-do, maybe I’ll get some photos up for you to see.  It’s also Andrew’s birthday on Tuesday so I have his card to finish, gifts to wrap, and I said I’d make him a nice meal on Monday when I’m off!  So, those are my plans.  Hope you have a good one whatever you’re doing.