Ooh look!  Spring has arrived in Michigan!  This was last Friday…. sunny, blue sky, 12C, 54F.  Beautiful huh?

See those diminishing piles of snow?  Want to see what they looked like two days ago on Monday morning??

At least I got to the snow blower first this time and himself had to shovel the paths!!  Twas hard work though, had to really grit my teeth and push hard! (Hence the funny expression on my face!!)

So what do you think is back on my desk this week??  That’s right, more snowflakes!!  The way I see it Winter is just like a bit of psychology, so go with the flow and don’t let it get you down!!

But I did clear it all up later and started stamping out loads of HM and Penny Black images to be sent over to England for my pal Sandra.  Of course, now I have loads of stamps to clean!  Better than shoveling snow though!  Oh, and I finished a card too.

For more Wednesday desks, and weather reports too if you’re lucky!, head on over to Julia’s pad where we all congregate.  And get me!  less than 300 words this week!  Oh, and I’ll get to you all as soon as I can, himself has a birthday today, so it’ll be presents, cards and a nice meal when I get home.  Apparently no blog hopping is allowed this Wednesday evening!!  And one final OH!!  I’ve got a Pay It Forward running here that requires a couple more peeps to sign up, will it be you???