Well, I’m sure lots of you have heard of the great new challenge blog on the block, Less Is More, run by our fellow WOYWWer’s, Chrissie and Mandi.  Unfortunately that philosophy hasn’t made it’s way to my desk yet, as this is what my desk looked like after making, one, yes just one!, clean and simple card for Less Is More!!

I mean really!  How many stamps, punches and inks do you really need to make one card!!!???

Nope, doesn’t look any better from this angle either!  Although I have to confess that I did get this mess all tidied up and mostly put away again, thankfully.  For a mega tour of the craft desks, floors, dining tables and laps of this world head on over to Julia’s where you can find the start of this merry dance.  Short and sweet from me this week, lots of desks to visit!!

PS:  I seemed to confuse a lot of people last week by suggesting that a ton of snow had melted in two days flat, but it was actually the other way round.  We were almost clear of the white stuff and then it snowed again last Monday, and Wednesday and Thursday, so we finished the week with a fresh 16″ of snow.  And now we’re heading for slightly warmer temps and rain again for the end of this week!  Let’s hope it stays away this time!