Hello Peeps, nice to see you here again for another What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Work interfered with regular transmissions last week, far too much to do as we head to the end of our Financial Year here on 31 March, it’s been more than a bit crazy, but then again, it always is at this time of year!  As a little treat, we booked up a holiday on Sunday, a few nice days by the beach in Charleston, South Carolina in the middle of April, I shall be ready for a break by then!  At least we have much brighter evenings now as we began Daylight Saving Time here on March 13th, lovely to have the extra daylight hours but not so keen on the darker mornings again!

Still, you came here to see the desk, which hasn’t been getting much use in the last week or so but I’ve been trying to reclaim some “me time” again.



Not a whole lot going on, there’s a card center stage that I was starting to work on and had picked the papers and stamped the image at this point.  Behind that is a pile of clear stamps that are all clean and dry but need putting back in their packets, they were sitting in the bathroom for over a week!  On the left side is a card I’d finished and a Distress Ink and blender tool. At the top of the picture is the wood stamp I’d used and the spray bottle for the water colour effect before stamping; to the right of that is a Z fold Christmas card, which is the only other thing I’ve managed to make in the last couple of weeks; and then on the right is my stamp cleaning pad the bottle of cleaner.

The little stripey box with the Kanji characters on it that I keep my scraps in is a constant reminder to me of the horror in Japan right now.  I have a lot of Japanese boxes that I keep my supplies in, given to me by my colleagues (both Japanese and American) as memento’s from their trips to Japan, I can see three on this desk right now.  I don’t think many of you know, I don’t really advertise it, but I work for Toyota here in the US, and the mood at work since Friday has been very somber and subdued.  We have a lot of US and European staff in Japan at any given time and in our operations here in the US, we are about 30% Japanese staffed.  Most of our Japanese operations are not in the affected area and all of our employees currently in Japan are safe and accounted for, very sadly though, for some of our US based Japanese colleagues the news has not been so good.  We heard late yesterday that some of them have lost family members and for a few more, family members are still missing and unaccounted for and hopes fade with every passing day.  I would imagine that the situation is the same for our colleagues in Japan and Europe, they are safe but we don’t know about their family and friends.  Mother Nature has not been kind to the earth so far in 2011, let’s hope she settles down again soon.

Oh boy!  I didn’t mean to end on such a sad note, but as I was scanning the desk for more things to tell you about I spotted the boxes and they really made me pause.  To be cheered up head over to Julia’s for more desks to gander at!!