Thought I’d give you a wider view this week instead of just the desk.

From the right there’s the light box with the Christmas supplies below it in the cabinet; the tall 6 drawer plastic chest contains (from the top) folders, plates and Nesties for my Bug, next is a flower drawer, then a Martha punch drawer, two more punch drawers of mixed brands and the final drawer holds tools. The desk and shelf unit is from Ikea, in case you hadn’t guessed!

Two more plastic chests are to the left with various supplies, some of these drawers are empty at the moment as I’ve had a clear out in the last couple of months and moved my stamps to a wooden cabinet I showed you a few weeks ago.  Despite my clear out this room never manages to stay very tidy for long, as witnessed by the bits on the floor including the iron!  There’s a Making Memories carousel on top of the first cabinet, empty can you believe!  It’s been that way since Christmas!  Absolutely appalling I know but I really want to paint it and tart it up a bit before putting my stash in it and I just haven’t made the time to do that, so it sits forlorn and unloved!! according to my husband who’s trying to make me feel guilty!

And finally the desk, always a WIP going on here.  Those clear stamps from last week still haven’t put themselves away yet so I suppose I’ll have to do it.  And don’t let that bright sunshine through the window fool you as we’re currently under yet another winter storm warning since 8pm last night.  This one is mainly for ice and freezing rain which is almost worse than snow in my opinion.  Three days last week it was 12C, 15C and 18C so I know Spring is right around the corner for us, I even got my little propagator out at the weekend and started off some tomato and pepper seeds too, that’s optimism for you!

And while you’re here you might want to check out this beautiful image from Mo Manning, who is offering this for just $1, with all the proceeds going to help the survivors of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Please pass this on!

Thanks for all of your kind words last week too.  We have had 11 staff members directly affected by this tragedy now, some of them know they will never find out what happened to their friends or family as the tsunami has washed possibly thousands of people back out to sea when it receded.

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