Morning peeps, how are you this wet and snowy morning lol!  Spring still hasn’t fully made it to Michigan yet, but soon, very soon!!  Last week was crazy busy for me at work as it was our year end, and then on top of that we had a major hardware failure that resulted in almost 21 terrabytes of data having to be restored.  If you think of that in terms of your own pc with perhaps 120 gb hard disk, we “lost” 210,000 gb that had to be recovered once the hw was fixed!  Anyway, mostly back to normal now but I’m playing catchup with all the things I should have been doing last week at work so it’s still busy but not crazily so.

This will also be my last WOYWW for a couple of weeks as we’re fed up with our “Spring” and are heading off to the Charleston area of South Carolina for 10 days.  I do love a roadtrip, haven’t done a biggish one like this for a few years, so really looking forward to that.  We plan on leaving at ridiculous o’clock next Wednesday morning (4am!) and coming back Easter weekend.  At least it’s 70F down there.

But at least the desk got a bit of a work out at the weekend and also Monday and Tuesday as well, so it’s back to looking a bit more used.


So, apart from flowers what can you spy this week?  There’s a half munched biscuit (cookie) on the little plate, home made Cranberry and Orange shortbread which is a Hubby developed recipe.  The obligatory mug of black tea is there to accompany the biscuit, the other smaller mug is actually what I use to dip my brush in when I’m water colouring and is normally various shades of murkiness depending on when I last washed it out!  I drank it once too, completely by mistake, when I was reaching for my tea but not paying attention.  But don’t worry, I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!  There’s also some Penny Black Stickeroos on the left which I was about to use to make a humourous Christmas Card (posted Monday), some inks and a ribbon reel too; plus the card I happened to be working on at the time.

Short and sweet from me this week.  Head on over to Julia’s for more desks to visit.