Nice to be back with you all again, although I do have to admit that I didn’t miss Wednesdays while sitting on a beach on the Isle of Palms in Charleston, South Carolina where the weather was a balmy 86F!  So, so, beautiful.  Neither of us wanted to come back that’s for sure.  It’s amazing the difference 900 miles South or a 14 hour drive made! Charleston was in full summer and full bloom, with plants flowering in the gardens that we can only grow inside in Michigan, and perennials in full bloom that won’t flower here until July.  We visited historic Charleston, historic houses and plantations, toured a WWII era aircraft carrier and diesel submarine, kayaked in Charlston harbor with dolphins ans spent a wonderful few hours lounging on the beach and messing about in the Atlantic surf, as well as beach walks most mornings and evenings.  Paradise compared to “sunny” Michigan where they were still being plagued with snow and sleet showers!  But at least the daffodils are finally blooming here, but I’m incredibly unhappy to have swapped the shorts and bikini for sweat pants again!!

So, a couple of photos to whet your appetite, I will definitely be popping on a couple of holiday posts as soon as I can get the photos organized and sorted out, we’ve only just had a quick glance at them for the moment.  You can click them all for bigger pictures.

This was our local beach which took us all of two minutes to walk to!  We spent many a morning here picking up washed up Starfish and depositing them back in the sea, us a quite a few other folks too!  I have no idea how many I picked up in the 11 days we spent there but it had to be getting close to three figures!

Pelican sitting on a pier pole as we got ready for kayaking.  We went to a small island (you’re not allowed to land) where hundreds of them were busy building, or already sitting on, huge nests.

Standing on the deck of the US Submarine Clamagore, whilst behind me is the towering bulk of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown.

But, there’s a desk too, this is how I found it when I got back

Not a whole lot going on obviously.  The two tins in the foreground contained some stamped images and my coloured pencils but I never even got them out of the bag on holiday!  Too busy rescuing Starfish!  There’s also a little pile of wood stamps on the left, a treat for myself after working killer hours at the end of March/early April.  Here’s a closer view:

Five little House Mouse’s and three little PB Hedgies too!

So that’s me this week!  Please excuse me if I don’t say how nice it is to be back!!  Well, it is and it really isn’t!  Maybe next time I’ll just take my lappy and blog from the beach!

Head on over to Julia’s for many more desks to visit this Wednesday, you just never know where you’ll end up.