Back again, well sort of!  Had to miss last week due to circumstances unfortunately, I took a photo, uploaded it and everything, but we had someone quit at work and because we were off the Monday for Memorial Day he basically only gave us four days notice!  He looks after our engineering design type sw for over 400 workstations and in less than three weeks there’s a major version upgrade, so me and a couple of others had to spend as much time with him as possible in the hopes that we will be able to carry out his tasks on June 20th and keep 400 workstations running!

We’ve also just had a race weekend where I’m Chief of Grid so I had to muster the troops for that too.  It was stinking hot, too hot to be standing on tarmac for over eight hours each day in the blazing sun.  Saturday was 90F and very humid and Sunday was a little better at 84F, but I still lost one lady on Saturday afternoon who was feeling the effects of the sun and then another one on Sunday too.  Since then it’s only got hotter, yesterday was a record matching 93F and today we’re looking at 97F which is 36C.  This is August weather, not early June.  And this was after the wettest Spring on record here, in May we had over 6″ of rain, more than double the normal amount!  The flooding was amazing, I’ve never seen so much standing water and I had to find another way to work as some of the roads I normally use were under about 8″ of water.  It’s certainly been a crazy year so far!

The photo I’m using here is actually my desk from last week, but as I haven’t been back in my room since I can assure you it still looks the same, well mostly!  It’s a huge mess by my standards, maybe not by yours though!  I was trying to get my head around what I was going to do for my first House Mouse GDT spot, plus I was trying to finish off a Christmas card that just didn’t want to come together at all, hence the huge stack of Christmas papers on the left, and there’s two more piles on the floor too!

Over on the right is a lovely parcel I received from a lady in Australia.  I had taken part in a swap on a forum I’m a member of, it might sounds strange but it was a hand made dishcloth swap, and she had sent me two lovely cloths, a homemade bar of soap, some cotton for knitting and a lovely postcard.  The rest I think is the usual suspects, shout if you have a question!

I’m off over to Julia’s now to link up with all the other wonderful peeps who show off their work areas every Wednesday for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, why not pop on over and join us?


Also, keep an eye out on my blog over the next few days, Mondays post was my 500th and I will have a giveaway going live soon, just haven’t had the time to get the photo taken and posted!  But soon, very soon!