Yes, it’s peep time folks, time to take a photo of your work area and show it to the world via Julia and her What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday phenomenon.

My desk is another hot one, although no where near as hot as the middle of America where they’re hitting triple digits in terms of temperatures.  We’re still generally on the wrong side of 90 though but the humidity has been relatively low so I shouldn’t gripe.  My desk this week consists of Christmas supplies as the theme on a few challenge blogs was Christmas in July.  At least thinking of Christmas and working with blues and silvers made me feel a little bit cooler, even if I wasn’t.



Out on the desk are Christmas paper scraps as I’d also decided not to cut into any new paper for this one, Sizzix snowflake dies, a sketch lurking bottom left, a couple of PB stamps along with the stamped image I was going to use, and a couple of containers of water.  One a rather nice Celtic inspired pottery mug, the other a tall purple water container that’s seen better days due to it rattling around in the back of my kayak quite frequently!  The small Crocus mug is for water colouring, which is what I got on with after this photo was taken.


In reality though, I was still too hot, so I went down into the basement and dragged up this tall fan to provide some draft while I was colouring.  The small fan behind it is a heater only that I sometimes use in the Winter for a bit of extra warmth.



This worked pretty well but I will readily admit to forgetting just how powerful it is as it blew just about everything not tied down off my desk!  Still, at least it saved me from tidying up the mess I’d made!  And if you haven’t seen this before, the Oak cabinet is an old cd/dvd storage unit that we’d outgrown so I brought it upstairs and it holds my stamps.