Yup, another Wednesday.  Don’t ask me where last weeks Wednesday went too, I haven’t a clue and don’t even remember it.  I certainly wasn’t here with you all last week but I have no clue what kept me away!  Hope it was good and I had fun is all I can say, lol!

So my desk this week is showing the detritus of another Christmas card, a white on white challenge that I had a lot of fun making.



I’d been using up white paper scraps to punch out flowers and leaves.  The black mat is the underside of a normal mouse mat, I use it with the embossing ball to give the flowers some life, so their petals stand up a bit.  There are also some other tools of the trade and the usual bits and pieces.  The white odd shaped plastic thing is my Bow Easy, my secret weapon for making perfect bows.  That mug is a favourite one of mine, bought for me by my SIL a few years ago.  It says “I don’t do mornings!”, and how right it is!  If there’s a more perfect mug made for me then I’d really like to see it!

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