We had a stunning weekend here in SE Michigan, the weather was an amazing 79F on Saturday and 80F on Sunday!  I picked Andrew up from the airport on Friday evening at about 9:30pm, after he’d endured 22 hours of being on the go, from getting up in Cambridge (England), to finally walking though the door back at home in Michigan.  He was a bit pooped to say the least, and hasn’t really managed to get back into the swing of things here yet, but that’s not helped by the sniffles he had yesterday morning and the cold that the sniffles had managed to develop into by Sunday night!

We did manage to get out for a walk on Sunday morning though.  The trees are starting their descent into Winter, although that’ll be a while off.  There’s still a lot of green around, especially in the city areas where the temperature is a little warmer than out in the country, so the change will be very staggered.  Already on my country drive home from work the beautiful trees have reached their peak, and some have started shedding their leaves too, yet my own garden is almost completely untouched by the change.

We walked through Benett Arboretum, on the edge of the Northville Downs, a place where we often cross country ski when there is snow on the ground, the Arboretum is part of the Hines Drive Linear Parkway which stretches 25 miles from Northville to Dearborn.  The entire length is speed controlled and there is another lane either side of the roadway given over entirely to biking, running, roller blading, or what ever you want to do really.  Outside of that are walking paths which give way to ponds, streams, large open grassy areas and baseball diamonds and football (soccer) pitches.  It’s a fantastic facility and we often bike the paths during the summer months.

But this is what it looked like on Sunday morning…




The temperatures overnight have been their normal low for the time of year, but coupled with the hot days this is causing a very heavy dew each morning.  A couple of days last week were very, very foggy indeed driving to work.  In the shaded parts the dew is so heavy it’s lingering well into the afternoon, despite the warm temperatures.  And it was in one of those dewey, shady areas that Andrew spotted this… a dandelion seed head turned into a sparking jewel worthy of a display at Tiffany’s!



How amazing is that?  You can click on it for a better look.  And can you tell I’ve got the “good” camera back again too, lol!!