Yes, it’s the one hundred and twenty third What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Quite an amazing number really and I suspect this is likely the longest our Julia has committed herself to something ever, at least in her crafty life that is!  Why not join us?  Pop over to Julia’s for the start of the blog hop, or better yet, take a photo of your work area (whatever that entails) and go and add your name to the list.

My desk this week is tres boring.  Super, super boring in fact.  I’m labeling my Distress Inks on the side so I can see the colour and not have to pull them out all over my desk every time I’m looking for one.

If you click on the pic you might be able to make out that I wrote the ink name on some of them before sticking the labels on to the pads, but something odd happened to the pen ink and the DI inked labels and the writing looks really bad, sort of splodgy!  Basically the two inks just didn’t mix so I need to redo the few I’d written the name on.

And that’s it, said it was boring did I not??  I do have more interesting stuff on my desk now but I can’t show you as it’s DT stuff for the Bah Humbug Christmas Challenge where for my sins, or perhaps theirs!, I’m their guest designer for the month of October.

At least I have my boy back home with me though.  He wasn’t as lucky with his layover in Chicago as I had been, so from leaving his Mums house in Cambridge to walking through our door was 22 hours for him.  Doesn’t do much for your immune system all that traveling and waiting around, neither does being over tired and not getting a good nights rest for the first two nights back here.  So much so that he started with the sniffles on Sunday morning, had what appeared to be a full blown cold by Sunday night, only for it to morph into some weird gastric flu thing that has seen him up-chucking even a few sips of water.  Some stuff from the doctor is sorting him out though, and he’s not feeling quite so weak now, but talk about kicking you when you’re down!

Before he got sick we went out for a walk and some fresh air on Sunday morning as we’re now having an Indian Summer here too…. the dew was still really heavy on the grass and I snapped this dandelion head looking quite amazing.  Some of you saw this on Monday, but I like it so much I’m posting it again!  It’s much more interesting than those Distress Inks!