Back again with a few more photos, this time of the beautiful inside displays and hot houses.  The orchids were in full flower in the hot houses, many, many more colours and varieties than I’m showing you here.  And the Chrysanthemums were everywhere too, both inside and out.  In fact, they’re one of the reasons we decided to go to the gardens, they’re currently showcasing the Mums, as they’re called over here, in a stunning seasonal display that runs through November when they change over to Christmas.










And now some of the Mums that were indoors:


[Yes, that is a seasonally inspired grouping of Mums, dark cabbages and fresh apples.  The apple scent is this room was just beautiful]


[A wall of Mums!]


[A flower kissing ball.  Everything in this room was in shades of white, yellow and green]


[Outside in the main corridors were display from local florists, these changed weekly as the blooms faded and something new appeared.  I loved the brightness of this Japanese influenced display.]

I’d like to say that’s it, but it’s not!  I’ve got something rather special to share with you all tomorrow for WOYWW, you’ll have to come back then to find out what it is!!