It’s WOYWW Day again, or hump day, or just plain old Wednesday for those of you not acquainted with our Weekly Wednesday blog hop organised by the fair Julia.

I’ve changed tack completely right now, as you can see, still Christmas related though!  The wreath initially was all faux Winterberry stems, but over the years the branches faded to grey and the red plastic around the berries cracked or bits broke off exposing the white globs underneath.  Basically it just looked very old and worn, so I removed them all to expose the base.

Don’t worry, the wreath is going to end up looking a bit more polished that this!  I just held up the embellishments to give me ideas.

But I have a question for you, although I think I already know the answer….. you can see the colours are purple, ice blue and a bit of frosty white.  I have a can of silver spray paint in the basement and I’m thinking that wreath base needs to lose the rustic brown look.  What’s your opinion?  Spray it silver or leave it?

I’ve also managed to make four of the ribbon scarves now, two with the Rumba wool I can’t get here and another two with the Red Heart Shashay which was the closest American type of wool that I could find.

[Rumba on the left, Sashay on the right]

The Shashay is a much more open weave than the Rumba and I found it knitted up quicker because of that, it was easier to see where to put your needles, but you still had to stop every couple of minutes to open it up!  I think in hindsight I prefer the Shashay to the Rumba in general, but I prefer the colours of the Rumba over those of the Sashay!  And I need to stop moaning about the Rumba wool and start knitting with it because I have another 8 balls that arrived from England.  Oh the joys of Ebay!

I had loads of people last week wondering if they could buy Memory Box products in the UK.  Well, I know The Stamp Attic and Oyster Stamps have some of the dies and stamps, and Quixotic Paperie have some of the paper packs.  I also heard Joanna Sheen carries them too but I haven’t checked.  No hard selling from me as I’ve never bought from any of these companies so make you own mind up before you commit!

Sorry for those peeps who visited last week but couldn’t see any photos…. my web provider decided to have a disk crash, so everything was gone while they failed over to a backup disk which was then intermittently showing the photos.  Then on Thursday, after they got it all fixed, they had to fail everything back to the new hardware, so my blog was out of action that day too!  Honestly, don’t they about the importance of Wednesdays round here???

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to my American chums too.