Lordy, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last blogged, two whole weeks I think and narry a peep out of me!  I turned my emphasis away from making cards, to writing them, and then finishing the decorating of the house, and it was with quite a jolt that I realised that not only did I not miss blogging, but I wasn’t missing the computer at all!  I’ve read two whole books and started another in that period and I also realised just how much more efficient and pro-active I’ve been at work without the internet to distract me and the lure of checking blogs!  Scary stuff.  There’s a life outside of blogging!  Who would have thunk it, lol!!


But don’t worry, I’m not turning over a new leaf, at least not yet anyway, but I have enjoyed this little break away from the computer, I have to admit that.  I’ve particularly enjoyed sticking my nose in the pages of a good book too, something I didn’t realise I’d missed until I picked up a book again.  So what am I up to here?  We have a bakers rack in our hallway that I decorate every year for Christmas with the trimmings from our Christmas tree and also those that I pick up at the hardware store when they trim bits off other trees for people to take home.  All the offcuts are available for free for whoever wants them.  So on Sunday afternoon I turned this pile of trimmings

and this empty bakers rack

into this

Looks loads better in real life, it was dark by the time I got to take these finished photos so I had to use the flash.  I love doing this every year, makes the hallway so welcoming and warm looking, and for the first few days the scent from the pine and the fir is a treat for the senses.


After I was done with this I decided to make a swag for the front door.  The wreath that was sprayed gold a couple of weeks ago just wasn’t cutting it for me, the bits and pieces I’d bought thinking the wreath was silver just didn’t look right, so I’ll leave it for now, but it will definitely be kept and most likely put together for next year.

It’s lying on the mat at the front door at the minute, I just have to make up a double bow with extra tails, that will cover up most of the gaps you see here, after the bow is on, I’ll see if it needs any more tweaking before hanging it on the door, the bronze foliage isn’t wired on yet, but as the ribbon for the bow is read and gold tartan I think it will all work out well.


I’ve also been very busy at work again recently, but because of the lack of distractions I’ve actually managed to get a lot of things done, and I’ve handled the stress a lot better than previously when my finger nails would start disappearing at a rapid rate of knots!  But it was still absolutely wonderful to find a lovely parcel from Lunch Lady Jan in my mailbox on Monday when I came in from work.  I hadn’t even known that I’d won some of her beautiful bunting from her (thanks Julia for supplying the address!!), so my face was a picture when I saw what was inside.  Thanks Jan, I absolutely love it and you really made my day.


So on that soppy note, I’ll sign off and get to blog hopping a bit.  If you have no idea what WOYWW is, pop on over to Julia’s for a worldwide gathering of desks, hearts and minds.  You won’t be disappointed.