Thanks for all your messages of encouragement last week about my new little sock making adventure, they were all very much appreciated.  And I’m glad I’m not the only person who was daunted by the prospect of the extra needles or actually owned up to knitting socks inside out when they started too!  I’m still beavering away at them and have made the heel flap and I’m about to do the heel turn.  Still on the first sock of the first pair though as I’ve not had much time recently.

The heel is worked with two needles only and half of the stitches, the other half I threaded on to some extra wool, as the book I have said it would keep the spare stitches looser for the side gusset, other wise they can become stretched if left on the spare needles and you can get holes along the gusset.

We did a complete Spring clean of the house at the weekend after taking down and putting away all the Christmas decorations.  Not only did the house look cold and bare, but all those surfaces you couldn’t get to because of all the tat and the Christmas cards everywhere suddenly looked like they had about an inch of dust on them, and one job just led to another, and before you knew it we’d done a complete “move the furniture out of the way” kind of clean from top to bottom, which practically took the whole weekend.  We also went swimming again on Saturday, and my shoulders still ache today from that, and went out for breakfast on Sunday morning followed by 1 1/2 hour walk in the local woods.  I did manage to sneak into my craft room late on Sunday so there is a desk shot:

Not a lot going on.  All of the Christmas cards we’d been sent are in the middle of the mat.  I was inspired last week by some fellow WOYWWers to make tags from some of them,; there are a few stamps kicking about, a new Memory Box die (from Christmas) that I thought I would use but didn’t; some extra knitting needles; a list of challenges I don’t have time to enter and a quick little sketch at the front.  Underneath the Valentines card is a large Penny Black cling background stamp that I won from the Penny Black And More @ Allsorts Challenge in their last challenge of the year too.

But then this took over on Monday.

Yes, I had a birthday, there’s a lot of us on WOYWW with January birthdays, I noticed this last year too.  So on Monday there was an armchair full of pressies to open, which, of course, included one of two crafty items

along with some much needed new cords, some more lovely grungy tops, a new set of gardening tools, some new water shoes for kayaking and a lovely indoor hydrangea plant too.  I felt very blessed that’s for sure!  And the way this weird winter is progressing it won’t be long before I can use those new gardening tools or put our kayaks back in the water again!

So that’s me for this week, lots of lovely new stuff to play with and a head brimming full of ideas but very little time to devote to any of it right now!  So I’m off to see Julia, and to use up even more of my precious time by visiting the many desks of the world instead of getting on and doing something constructive lol!!