Morning peeps, how are you this fine day?  Me, I’m full up with cold unfortunately!  Must have been all those germs on your blogs that I visited last week that got me!!  Still, it’s on the way out now, perhaps it’s heading you way, lol.  But it’s Wednesday again, the day of the weekly desk expose courtesy of the lovely Julia, hop on over to her blog for all the deets.

I’ll do my best to keep this brief this week, I have a habit of rabbiting on somewhat!  So to answer the question, just what is on my desk this week?…. well, that would be ribbon.

Andrew made me these lovely ribbon spools for my birthday a couple of years ago, but I eventually needed more, so in my birthday gifts last week were another three more.  So I spent a while sorting out all my ribbon by colour before cramming it back in the cubby hole in my desk where there are now too many to fit!  So they’re going to have to go on top, but it’s already rather full up there…

But don’t worry, plans are already afoot to rectify this little problem, hopefully I can reveal the new addition to the craft room next week!  After the ribbon was sorted I got down to the business of making some challenge cards:

So that’s what’s on the desk here, lots of Distress Inks had been used, along with a lovely Memory Box butterfly die, the offcuts of which are sitting there, and a Spring card and a Christmas card too.  Not a lot to show for all the cards I managed to make in the last few days.

But what about the socks I hear you cry??  Well, the cold got the better of me for a couple of days but I finally felt I had enough time and concentration to tackle the heal turn and the side gussets, so here’s where it’s up to now, finally heading down the foot a bit to the toe.

The end is in sight!  But then I have to do it all over again to make the matching pair!  Boy, can you stand the excitement!!