I haven’t done a “what we did at the weekend” post in quite a while, so I thought I’d rectify that. I drove home from work on Friday with an impending snowstorm looming, mainly overnight Friday into Saturday morning. They initially said 5″ – 8″ but then downgraded us to 1″ – 3″, which was quite a difference! I didn’t mind what we got, at least there was going to be some snow and at least it was going to fall on a weekend, so there might be the chance of getting out to play in it for a while. We ended up with about 2 1/2″ of the most fluffiest, sparkliest, softest snow imaginable. It was incredibly pretty, so after we cleared the driveway I took a couple of photos of the conifers in my garden, looking like they had little puffs of cotton wool stuck to them.

The lightness was caused entirely by the really cold temps as it came down, -17C, it was still pretty nippy when we cleared the driveway, but the sun was out and the clouds had cleared away. It was a beautiful day. After a very early lunch, we headed out to the park for a spot of cross country skiing, our first such jaunt this winter season. The conditions weren’t perfect, we could have done with a little more snow base and the snow compacted very easily as it was so soft, but it was fantastic to be out for a couple of hours in the fresh air, with that beautiful blue sky and the birds cheeping and chirping.

I got on with my knitting when we got home and sock number one is now finished and off the needles.  Sunday was the complete opposite of Saturday. It was cloudy and overcast the entire day, becoming quite foggy late afternoon. It was a great day to stay indoors and read a book by the fire. In my case I started the second sock of the pair, but had to pull it out twice, (very frustrating that was!) when the rib at the top wouldn’t line up! I had to walk away from it actually.   So instead I baked the cake that Di had as her Friday feast, and oh boy was it yummy.

We enjoyed big slabs of it, still warm from the oven, with a big pot of Assam tea, all very proper and English. I’ve linked her name so you can pop on over and grab the recipe if you like. I made a couple of small tweaks, and added a 1/2 tsp of both almond and vanilla extracts and drizzled the cake with icing sugar after it had cooled a bit, makes an incredibly crunchy topping. I also used wheat flour, as that’s all I discovered we had in, and put in 2 tsps of baking powder and it rose just fine. After that, I felt quite invigorated again, enough to tackle the second sock once more, and powered by sugar and hot tea it all went perfectly and I’m now working on the leg!

An odd thing happened late evening, when I glanced at the outside temperature (on our indoor thermometer thingy) and realised that it was rising quite sharply outside. Over the course of the night it went from -1C to 12C!! And then the rain came in, almost half an inch of it and washed all the snow away! It was thundering too, so we started the weekend with a snowstorm and finished it with a thunderstorm! And for today, well the inverse is true. More rain and thunder this afternoon, before cooling quite rapidly and snowing again! I just wish it would make up it’s mind this year, lol.