Now that would make a good song title, wonder if it’s been done before, lol!  My post was going to be about my wonderful weekend, but my shitty Monday morning has completely wiped the smile off my face!!  Nothing too bad, but just a frantic, stupid start to the week that could have been avoided if a certain software supplier of ours actually listened to everything I told them last week and had not turned up here this morning completely unprepared and expecting me to fix everything!  Oh, and I broke my french press in the middle of all of this too, so I’m none too happy about that I can tell you, no fresh coffee for the rest of the week until my replacement carafe from Amazon turns up!


Rant over!

The weekend!  We had more snow Friday night, 3″ worth, yay!  But we already had plans on Saturday, which included a matinee theatre performance in the local town, an absolutely hilarious comedy called The Love List.  Where a divorced 50 something guy make out a list of the top 10 qualities he would like in a women… and she turns up.  So the second guy likes the look of this and he takes the list and makes a couple of changes to suit himself, and the woman’s personality changes!  It was very, very funny, haven’t laughed so much in ages.  We finished Saturday off with a lovely dinner out at a local restaurant we hadn’t tried before.


Sunday morning was cold, windy and overcast with flurries so we wrapped up really well and went out cross country skiing, but if anything, the snow quality was worse than the last time we went.  At one point I was at the very edge of a small downhill bit with two bits of plastic strapped to my feet, leaning forward slightly…. and going nowhere!  Couldn’t even get down a HILL with skis on, so we gave that up as a bad joke!!

It brightened up in the afternoon and I noticed these icicles in front of the living room window:





And my indoor plants are looking lovely right now, even my orchid has a lot of new growth so I’m hoping for some flowers soon.  But my Kalenchoe (Flaming Katy) is looking lovely



It looks a little bit odd as I’d just turned it away from the window as it was pulling towards the light, trying to get it to straighten up!  Behind it on the windowsill are some flowering Cactus, I like this really dark pink one:

On the crafty front I got a male 50th birthday card out of the way, just got a 60th one to do this week!  I started two more of the ribbon scarves and I managed to get some sock time too, in fact, I’m working on the toe of the last sock and I’m really, really hoping I can do a sock reveal for this Wednesday’s WOYWW!!  But don’t hold me to that, lol!!