Not sure what time Lady Julia will be posting this so I’m preparing this on Tuesday and keeping it in draft form until I can see what she’s up to this week!!  So my Wednesday post might actually go live on Tuesday instead!  If you have no idea what I’m on about follow the link to Julia’s blog to find the most fun you can have just this side of insanity!!

My desk still belies the business that has descended upon it, but a quick five minute clean up will restore it to it’s former glory.  Right now I can see loads of punches, I decided to go old school and get the punches out (all circular ones) instead of the Nesties and the Bug, although I suppose if I really wanted to be old school I would have cut them out by hand!  I’ve also got a bunch of snippets from various DP’s on the desk, I’m hoping my card will turn into a snippet card for the lovely Di’s snippet challenge this week but I haven’t got very far with it yet.

I have however, made a 50th birthday card and started two more of the ribbon scarves since you were last here, as well as been cross country skiing, been to a live theatre performance and eaten dinner out at a really posh restaurant!  Quite a lot of excitement in one week don’t you think!

And talking about excitement…

What do you think of this?

They’ve been the best part of six weeks in the making..

But finally, I can show you them as they were intended…

And that would be on my feet!

Yes, the socks are finished!


And yes, those are my warm, penguin PJ’s I’m also modeling for you!

I think it was Shaz in Oz who pointed out during the knitting of them that they look absolutely huge and what size shoe did I take!  So I asked my husband and he agreed, they look really big, yet my little feet are really quite small….. a UK size 5, US size 6, European 38 and Australian size 6!  Not big at all!  I have to admit I haven’t tried them in shoes yet!  You may also spot the real reason I wanted to make my own socks….  my misshaped feet!  I have bone spurs and arthritis in both feet, the left foot is particularly bad, my feet are slowly becoming more deformed and the big toe on each foot has become enlarged and made my feet very pointy!  I find socks are always quite square in the toe box and I have left over material that bunches under my toes making them even more uncomfortable in shoes than they already are.  Now I have lovely fitting socks to wear!!

What’s that you say?  How do they fit??

Like a GLOVE my friends, like a glove!!!