So here we are once again, all geared up ready for Wednesday and the biggest blog hop since the invention of the internet (truly!).  Head on over to Julia’s for all the details.

First of all, thanks for all the sock love last week, and the feet love come to think of it!!  I must tell you that although I have weird feet that I have to be careful with (gave up running a few years ago for example), in general, they don’t cause me any pain or stress.  If I spend more than a couple of hours on my feet at a time I can get very tired and my feet and legs can ache a bit, but in general, if I’m careful about what I do and very careful about which shoes I wear or buy, then I really don’t have any noticeable problems on a day to day basis.

So I’ve worn those socks at home in the evening a for a couple of hours and then I decided to wear them to work and see how they fared stuck in a shoe for 10 hours.  My immediate thought when I was padding about at home was that they were surprisingly scratchy and not at all soft!  But they are 75% wool and I’m just not used to that, but oddly enough they were fine at work, although I did have to put on a different, slightly wider shoe than normal for total comfort.  And as Andrew pointed out when he asked me how I’d got on, that our hands are in constant use so they’re not as sensitive as our feet are, so what feels soft to the touch may actually be quite uncomfortable on your feet!

So if you’re ever in a craft shop and see some weirdo with her socks and shoes off rubbing balls of wool on her feet, don’t panic, it’ll probably just be me checking for softness!!

And I also want to thank you all for the comments about my lovely tidy desk last week.  It’s not quite that tidy this week though…

All of this mess was in aid of that little card at the front of the desk….. a 60th birthday card for a friend using Mo Manning’s Two Toby digi paired with the “Waaaa!  But I don’t wanna be 60!!” sentiment that I’ve used before for a male milestone birthday.  And the reason I ended up making all of this mess was due entirely to the fact that I very happily had my bum planted on the sofa knitting up my second pair of socks when Andrew asked me if I’d made Graham’s birthday card yet!!  Yikes!  I had to get a shimmy on as we were going to his little birthday party too and I needed the card ready to give to him! *Finished card here if you’d like a peek.*

And here’s the guilty party that kept me out of my craft room and caused me to make an unholy mess in the name of creation, (actually more like in the name of panic!) looking anything but guilty, in fetching shades of blue.  This one is wool, bamboo and nylon and feels softer than the first pair, to my hands at least!  And I have to admit I bought it based entirely on the brand name…. Bamboo and Ewe!!

And sitting beside it is a lovely card from Shaz in Oz that was in my mailbox when I arrived home today (Tuesday).  Thank you Shaz, what a lovely surprise!

I’ve also been tinkering with my blog LO too, I’m not quite done so bear with me if it looks a little funky in places!  Oh, and I’ve added one of those My Linky Follower thingies if you’re interested in that kind of thing!!